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  2. Multiple reasons: 1. Trying to preserve HDD's boot sector avoiding repeated (re)boots. My machines have always run 24/7. 2. The 98SE machine doesn't have enough power to run any higher OS decently. 3. The XP machine came with XP already installed and didn't want to mess it up. 4. The notebook is relatively too new for 9x, most drivers are probably unavailable; original 1TB HDD had Win10, replaced it with a 250GB where there's Ubuntu and Mint already. 5. Other reasons...
  3. Hi jaclaz AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Administratör Description=Fördefinierat administratörskonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Administratör PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-500 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\DefaultAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet. Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=DefaultAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-503 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Gäst Description=Fördefinierat gästkonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Gäst PasswordChangeable=FALSE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-501 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Ingrid Description= Disabled=FALSE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Ingrid PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-1000 SIDType=1 Status=OK AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\WDAGUtilityAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet för Windows Defender Application Guard-scenarion Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=WDAGUtilityAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-504 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded Can't see any problems here... bookie32
  4. Hi siria, I think Retrozilla 2.2 will not be able to negotiate 1.2TLS with sourceforge and github nowadays, at least here I'm not able to do so. K-Meleon 74rv:38.9 for winnt 2000 runs stable on my Windows 10, but not on Windows 98. It freezes like I mentioned before for Firefox 23.0. So I'm not sure what I'm missing, maybe some additional Servicepacks or dll files, that I don't know. Maybe someone can give me a hint. All the acceptabe browsers regarding TLS and certificate handshaking are freezing here and are unuseable, or midori doesn't show up at all. The only working browser is lynx for me, but e.g. it isn't capebale to use javascript and therefore the SF file browser isn't working. Also it doesn't acceptz copy and paste from other browsers address bar for using deep linked downloads etc.
  5. Opera 12.18: > Apparently - it was even mentioned on MSFN forums somewhere - You cannot, but you can use > some files from the 12.18 install on 12.02 install, like Opera.dll and gstreamer folder, I think. I know what you mean, but nope, that turned out a dead end. Just recently was also confirmed in that topic. Had just wondered if it might be possible anyway in your heavily updated 98, since you can even start KM75.
  6. https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog-6.1#v0 "Linux host: Drop PCI passthrough, the current code is too incomplete. Not useful." So the dream of GPU passthrough from Linux host to Windows guest (like XP) on a dual GPU system ends here. The code was incomplete and bugged and has been like that for years, but rather than improving it, they dropped it. This marks 6 years of unsuccessful project. Congratulations Oracle... -.-
  7. Apparently - it was even mentioned on MSFN forums somewhere - You cannot, but you can use some files from the 12.18 install on 12.02 install, like Opera.dll and gstreamer folder, I think. I can't find the link now - I am on the move at work now. But I expect it to be a troublesome experience. I will just "cheat" and change some parts of the Windows 2000 (boot screen, logon and shutdown banners, and some other places I can't remember now) to show Windows 98 branding. That will do for now. Unless roytam1 or someone else comes with a magic browser supporting HTML5, CSS3, TLS 1.2 and running on Windows 98... Web developers need to ditch jQuery - you definitely DON'T need jQuery in 2020. They need to go back to vanilla JavaScript (yes, I know jQuery is nothing more than a JS framework), at least a very basic JS experience is enough. Most of the things you needed jQuery to do can be done with CSS3 now. I for one can understand the Netscape's very early developers reluctancy to use scripts in their browser back in late 90's, before they were sold to AOL and switched to a Mozilla fork before its death. "Why do you need scripts to run a website?"
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  9. Yes updating inf would be good if driver worked. Forcing the install is all that is required to test the driver. As you know, update driver, and choose manually the driver to try from within the install list. I think that some laptops used two different GPUs, one for the screen and the other for the VGA output. One was in chip IGP and the other was external graphics like the ATI driver. This would show up in Device Manager I would expect though as two separate display adapters. I wonder if plugging in an external monitor would switch off the laptop screen? Have monitor plugged in before powering up the laptop to see. If it does then this is worth a try to use the VGA output and try the driver.
  10. If VKrnlEx.vxd is linked to a driver then perhaps it will startup earlier in the boot sequence and therefore load KEX before network login & perhaps load in safe mode as well? pshExports what would this mean as a sheet option, does it mean all imports calling a particular module be directed to a different library similar to KnownDlls but be able to act on a module by module basis?
  11. Cannot say what you want to do. I can suggest you to simply acknowledge that "modern" Windows built-in search tools are a lost cause and use a replacement. Namely (if you only have NTFS volumes) SwiftSearch or Everything: https://sourceforge.net/projects/swiftsearch/?source=dlp https://www.voidtools.com/ jaclaz
  12. @alacran This tweak was already added with RC2 under the following condition. Free space is smaller than max vhd expanded size - 5%. Without disabled pagefile additional 6GB free space are expected.
  13. Why? in-situ (when it works) virtualizes the MBR, creating a new one with just the entry/partition/volume you mapped. ****************************************************************************** *** About the new map option --in-situ *** ****************************************************************************** --in-situ is used with hard drive images or hardrive partitions. With an in-situ map, we can typically use a logical partition as a primary partition. In-situ map is a whole drive map. It only virtualize the partition table and the number of hidden sectors in the BPB of the DOS Boot Record. While disk emulation may encounter various problems with win9x, the in-situ map works fine with win9x. Note that --in-situ will not change the real partition table. Example: map --in-situ (hd0,4)+1 (hd0) jaclaz
  14. Check the "full name" against "user name". I have seen reports where the issue was created by having a "user name" different from "full name". Open a cmd window, in it run: wmic useraccount get /format:list or, if you want to better review the list: wmic useraccount get /format:list>C:\myaccounts.txt jaclaz
  15. I tried basilisk52-g4.4.win32-git-20191207 and noticed that unsigned add-ons like kill_sticky-1.4-an+fx.xpi become disabled. user_pref("xpinstall.signatures.required", false) is set The same add-ons work fine in FF52 and only show "not verified". Can it be fixed in Serpent?
  16. Yep, unfortunaly my friend, still not work, i still get the faded away screen when i restart after i apply the drivers, even Catalyst not recognized them. I even modified my inf file for give more information on the hardware but it seems this graphic card want only listen the driver with M26 settings in.
  17. The logon failure for Applied Updated 1909 Win10x64 is sometimes solved by using VSS offline Capture, but it is not a reliable solution for the problem. @alacran After Windows Update I always reboot more times to be sure before Capture, but that did not solve the logon failure on Apply.
  18. Thanks loblo. I'm asking these questions before downloading AWGG and Curl. I don't know if there is any kind of help file in the 7-Zip archives. How do I add the Curl Engine to AWGG? Maybe extract both apps into the same folder? Also, should I select XP (or something else) from the KernelEx menu?
  19. Hi guys! Do not understand.... Upgraded a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for a customer and if I logout of Windows there are two entries for same account.... No there is no duplicate account in same name and despite different attempts it is still there....? I even added a password for this local account and can login from both entries...) bookie32
  20. I can provide you with a custom update list for v1909 x86, but I will PM you the ulz file which must never be shared with anyone or any other websites. Officially I no longer provide support for x86 update lists for Windows 10, and you will need to update the list yourself. Update: Sent you a pm.
  21. KernelEx and WDMEX have completely different targets; KernelEx is for programs and WDMEX is for drivers, which are totally different beasts. I'm not certain it makes much sense to attempt to combine them (but I'm no programmer, so maybe I'm missing something). Now if you mean DLLHOOK, or the lesser-known "UNICOWS WRAPPERS" package, then it makes much more sense. I had hopes that with the "WRAPPERS" package that we might even be able to get roytam1's PaleMoon 26.5 build for Windows 2000 to run under 98, but I never seem to have time to work on making the attempt.
  22. Why would you install Windows 98 to a FAT16 partition to begin with? (I assume this based on you saying you "converted" to FAT32...) You should start with FAT32 to begin with... You can enable 48-bit LBA from the beginning if you create your own install CD or copy the contents of the \WIN98 folder on the CD to a folder on your hard drive and run SETUP from there (i.e. C:\WIN98CD)...; simply extract ESDI_506.PDR from BHDD31.ZIP (or patch your own ESDI_506.PDR with rloew's patch) and drop a copy of it into the \WIN98 folder of your new CD or into the folder on your HDD where you copied the SETUP files. SETUP will then use this ESDI_506.PDR instead of the older unpatched copy inside the .CAB files. This would allow you to combine the first 5 steps... Install using the command "setup /p i" (note the spaces) from your 98 CD or from the folder on your HDD. This will force 98 to use the older APM standard rather than ACPI (ACPI causes many issues on newer systems not designed with Windows 9x in mind). Running automated setup from the CD just runs "setup" without the switches, and thus leaves ACPI enabled. Always install any official updates and packages and drivers BEFORE adding unofficial ones, especially KernelEx.. Usually I install DirectX right after SETUP has completed, and before I start installing drivers.
  23. Yeah, if I could, I'd definitely prefer Win2000 too, since LOTS more stuff runs on it. But just curious, while you have that super-updated 98 version: Would Opera 12.18 run on it? (last presto, got cipher updates as farewell surprise present) With win98 and basic old KernelEx the last version was Opera 12.02 for years, much older, but it must have been incredibly advanced at its time, containing already some TLS1.2 ciphers. Or whatever, at any rate it had access on almost all sites until just 1 year ago, when Google started trying to force all website owners to kick old browsers out. So meanwhile Opera12.02 started failing too. Could still kick myself for not discovering it earlier, could have saved me from lots of broken websites before roytam came to rescue.
  24. Thanks for the clarification! I've done some more digging on browsers for win98 and so far zero luck. I have tested (and retested) a whole variety of browsers, including QtWeb. Zero, Nada, Nothing. While on Win2k I also got New Moon 28.8.0a1 working exactly the same way SeaMonkey 2.49.5 does. Both score 99/100 on Acid3 Test. SSL test is "okayish". Youtube plays fine, pages renders fine. I think I will stick with Win2k + BWC and do some skinning to match Win98 in some places (I already changed the desktop icons to older Win98 ones). And, I also happen to own an old iPod Nano 1st gen 1GB, so I might want to install iTunes to sync some musics on it. If I recall correctly, I never had both in my time, instead I had WinAmp and no syncing devices.
  25. The phoning back to PM from mailnews stopped. Thanks!.
  26. Wunderbar98 said: > Of course, rendering is poor compared to a modern browsing experience, > JavaScript engine is dysfunctional and many sites still don't load, take what you can get. > To me this drawn out testing experience was worth it. Secure and functional online access > remains the primary obstacle from keeping Windows 98 fully viable. > IMHO I am now using the best browser for this old system. Well yeah, just always keeping in mind it's only a personal decision to keep those obstacles as high as any possible. By sticking strictly to ancient "vanilla" version and not installing even the tiniest updates, just for purity. In reality, users who'd like to use better browsers can of course install KernelEx. That makes the obstacles about half as high only, huge difference. And the system still remains win98. Yes we all know this here and I'm aware it's just done for experimental reasons, just a little reminder for later passing readers ;-) Bruninho said: > If KernelEx with updates on Windows 98 is supposed to make possible to run XP-like apps, > then why it doesn't work in practice for SeaMonkey? Something must be missing. That's a misunderstanding. KernelEx doesn't make that "all" XP-apps work, only some. Especially those which are unnecessarily blocked. For example when a setup.exe checks the system and then cancels without even trying, the KernelEx compatibility setting (chosen by user in the exe properties) makes apps believe they were running on another system. And it helps to start some apps which are "mostly" working, just missing a few minor features. Better partly running as not at all. Especially apps which are checking at startup the existance of all sorts of system features by default, when not even needing some of them. KernelEx provides "stubs" for some of those missing system features, pretending those would exist, when in reality they still don't. I think it's also creating some real replacement features, but that's dev stuff, this water is getting too deep for me, no clue. Not sure how big the current version is, but the slightly older ones had a setup size of only 0.3MB. This alone shows already that it can't contain lots of new functions. And the dev wrote recently again that newer versions replace the original system files only in RAM, not physically anymore, really like this.
  27. don't turn everything on as it will look so suspicious. only change these: general.useragent.compatMode = 2 general.useragent.compatMode.firefox = true general.useragent.compatMode.gecko = true and reset other general.useragent.compatMode.* settings.
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