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  2. Oh, that's an idea I hadn't thought about. I just built a torrent file out of the scripts folder (it also contains some extras, ~124MB all in all). Hope it's OK to attach it here. I did try to pack something recently using password and filename encryption but sending failed just as well so I gave up. Torrents are a good idea though. I vaguely remember Tihiy saying this got fixed in some tool of his - maybe RP9 or something else. On my old 98SE CPU usage was accurate but I did have a lot of enhancements there including RP 9.7.2. Drugwash public AHK scripts 2019.11.22.torrent
  3. Thanks Den! I guess I'll wait a bit longer. As you say, XP runs fine with only 3GB or so of RAM usable, and unless you want to run resource intensive games on it or whatever, there is probably no real reason to need be able to access more memory anyway.
  4. I don't think anybody really knows for sure. All those PAE patches are still *very* experimental, so there are scanty reports of their use and no serious, intensive, test of them in day-to-day use. In my experience, if one can see 3 GiB or a little more than that, XP SP4 updated to the last POSReady updates will run smoothly in day-to-day use and run OK any Office (from 97 to 2007), graphic processing programs like Irfan View, LView Pro, Pic win Pro, @roytam1's browsers, 360chrome, Origin 7.0, MPC-HC, Malwarebytes Premium 3.5.1 together with the last MSE, and many system diagnostic and optimization utilities, among other software, for months on end, without requiring a single reboot, and even with no pagefile, although I favor using the Gavotte Ramdisk (using RAM above 4 GiB) for a pagefile, TEMP and the temporary internet files from every broswer. My 2¢ only but, then, you sort of asked for them, right? Of course, were I to ever use the PAE patch, I'd go to @daniel_k's and MOV AX, 0xDEAD's one, which I trust hands down.
  5. Just a quick aside. IIRC there was some problem with running 16 bit programs in some boot configurations of XP. Will they still run if a PAE patch is applied? Asking for a friend. (No not really, I do actually have a couple of 16 bit programs that I use! )
  6. @jaclaz Which method are you using ? once files are patched do I need to copy paste them in the system32 folder ?
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  8. It depends on what you want it to do: The options available are: So, if you type: winxppae.exe /4GB [ENTER] you will have the needed files patched to support a maximum of 4 GB AND a backup of them (before the patch is applied) if you type: winxppae.exe /ALL [ENTER] you will have the needed files patched to support unlimited RAM AND a backup of them (before the patch is applied) if you add after EITHER the /4GB OR the /ALL the /NB or /NOBACKUP (DO NOT do this) switch, you will have NOT the backup. jaclaz
  9. @jaclaz thanks for your input but I had already done that yesterday I did put the folder on the desktop so I only had to type >> cd desktop.... cd daniel..... I just wanted to know what I have to type once the black windows is open.
  10. Sorry, by EOS I meant end of sale... which is the "Extended" period that included OEM Facilitated Downgrade Rights (Buy Win 10, get Win 7 installed). I do not remember exactly how long ago it was, I wanted to say 2 years but that seems to be too long.
  11. Yes but not on my WinME build, it may be because of my registry though. The programing is setup in the registry. I might do a new install one day with updated files in the WinCab folders. Process Explorer vs is a good tool and is vanilla Win98 compatible. It will show CPU usage accurately & minimizes to tray. There was a lot of talk about System Monitor in Tihiy's tools topic. I tried updated MESP1 SysMon with no noticeable differences.
  12. @blackwingcat "Microsoft and the codepage": This is Windows 10 german with exact the same error like w2k, xp and win 7: with ttf font lucida console ">" is displayed "1>" ::-( No error with ä ö ü any longer. Greetings Joe
  13. Do you mean 231, that's the current Java 8 version? That works fine here on XP with Firefox 52.9.1 ESR, and there are no warnings in the plug-ins list about it.
  14. Goodmaneuver IpTest.exe works as advertised on vanilla Windows 98 SE. The program provides the registry merge and i believe a reboot, not just logout, was required. On reboot the network activity icon magically appeared in the system tray. Your comments regarding high CPU usage are interesting. My system shows high CPU, even when the system is resting with no running applications. This is confirmed via TinyResMeter and sysmon.exe, both show ~ 50% CPU usage. Despite this, running Microsoft WinTop shows the system is >99% idle and the system is very responsive. Similar to your comment, wiggling the mouse cursor around brings the reported CPU usage down. I know with Windows XP when gaming, launching a windowed-mode game will show 100% CPU usage on SysTrayMeter just accessing game setup screens. The system otherwise is performing fine and the CPU remains very responsive. Wish i could find the link, read this issue may be related to system registry calls. To me this is just normal behaviour for Windows, unless you are experiencing other symptoms, others would know best.
  15. We have trouble here with sending .EXE files in the mail, too. Even putting them in a .ZIP, .7Z or .TAR.GZ archive did get caught by the mail provider, because it recognised an .EXE file inside the archive. In that case, the archive wasn't the problem, it was the .EXE inside. Renaming the files to obscure the attachments filter didn't help either. What helped however was to use a password on the archive and to encrypt the file names (which was an option in 7-zip, I think). Now the problem is, that the other computer, that recieves the attachment, has to unpack it again, and there are some incompatibilities between different zip- or 7z-versions. That might be annoying, especially when travelling through the decades with Windows 95 and modern Linux machines for example. You have to try a little bit to find some compatible options.
  16. Because new software can wreck your operating system, I install everything in a virtual environment for testing purposes. If there are no problems, it becomes permanent. I uninstalled old Java and installed Java_v8.0_b131. My four Mozilla based browsers don't like this new build of Java: about:addons -> Plugins -> Java_v8.0_b131 -> It's listed with security risk warnings. "Always Activate" is greyed out on the menu. A message appears when installing Java 8.0. It's the usual warning about software not compatible with older versions of Windows. It seems to integrate smoothly with XP Pro_SP3. Is there a build of Java 8.0 that will work with XP without those Mozilla security warnings? Java isn't very useful when "Always Activate" is greyed out.
  17. Several months ago I decided to save the Desktop I built for XP. After upgrading most of the components it seemed logical to improve the operating system, if I could. That why I started this thread about PAE patching. bphlpt, I found that magnet link. Thanks for your guidance. I stopped downloading torrents years ago, so my torrent clients are ancient. I just read an article about torrent magnets. Seems like an improvement over the old torrents. I downloaded PicoTorrent because it's simple. I read all the replies to my original post. I'm going to try one of these PAE patches. I've got numerous system backups, so I have to stop worrying about which PAE patch is the safest. Dibya, there are many positive articles on other sites about your PAE patch. People who have tried it like the results. I have several hardware and software cleanup procedures to perform before I apply the PAE patch. I'll return to this thread with the results.
  18. -- 1.5.10 (9.12.2018) -- * additional changes to match acrylic design (installer provides option which design to use) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM - CustomThemeMaterial - file with texture that is rendered (tiled) above glass regions (default is Acrylic noise texture) Aero Glass 1.5.10-1.5.12 ignore any external PNG texture file in CustomThemeMaterial.
  19. Yep, I knew. You know, but someone said "Timex" in the thread. I've seen no demo for ZX-80, but I'm sure I did for some ZX-81 with 16 KB.
  20. advance notice: - firefox45esr will have a new build tomorrow - nm27/km76 are unlikely to have new builds tomorrow - sp55's update is still pending hoping it can be done on/before 30 Nov
  21. Well, that is much later (like three years later, a different age, it has colours) and it is essentially a Sinclair Spectrum: https://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=935 See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jr7Q1yJOUM jaclaz
  22. @dibya Isn't this the second (or maybe third) Christmas that you create some expectations for something that you never delivered? @caliber OK. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt You now have a black window open and you have a command prompt in the form of a line, probably *like*: C:\Documents and Settings\username>_ with the underscore flashing, right? Now you should know where exactly you have extracted the file, you can use windows explorer to get the right path. Let's say the file is in D:\IronPortable\Download\WinXPPAE.exe At the prompt (in the command promp window) you type: cd /d D:\IronPortable\download and press [ENTER]. Please note that if for any reason the path has one or more spaces in it, you need to enclose it in double quotes, example: cd /d "D:\Path with spaces\download" Now the prompt has changed to the path you just typed. Verify that it is the right place: DIR WinXPPAE.exe and press [ENTER] it should show you the file, its date and time. Now type: WinXPPAE.EXE and press [ENTER] You should see the following: jaclaz
  23. So here's the backstory. I have an excel document, that is shared and stored on my company's oneDrive account. It's shared with multiple people, so we use the link to open it. Here's the cumbersome part. Since I need some functions that work badly or not at all when opened in Excel Online or Teams I need to press "Open in Desktop Add". Every. single. Time. I'm looking for a way, preferably desktop shortcut, to tell office to open this in Normal Excel 2016. Due to my company's policy trying to find potential sharepoint/oneDrive folder and treat it as network folder, even if possible, is a no-go. Tried to search out exact phrase in the internet, I failed.
  24. DrugWash, would Bittorent file sharing work? I can confirm your latest NetMeter vs & Mempanel works without bugs with AHK
  25. This is it? https://web.archive.org/web/20110604212342/http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/1/c/a1ca7af1-a6e3-46e7-874a-4c5d8c0fb3b7/SFU35SEL_EN.exe And: https://archive.org/details/cdrom-services-unix-3.5-microsoft-2004
  26. Yeah, so it's better to download iso from microsoft which have update 1 already installed.
  27. You're both welcome. And sorry for the bugs and missing functionality, I never seem to finish what I started. And then real life takes over. Yeah, there's a handful of reasons, not only Linux. But it doesn't matter. If I ever find a suitable way to share all my "toys" again I'll let you all know. Until then, be well.
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