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What's your internet connection like?


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Yea, 20Mbit is indeed the fastest Videotron offers BUT beware, 20Mbit does not offer unlimited bandwidth, there is a bandwidth cap and NO limit as to how much they can charge per extra GB. That's why I'm staying with Extreme 10Mbit, unlimited bandwidth.

That's totally retarded of them. That's got to be the stupidest plan they've got then (80$/month for a speed most servers on the internet can't deliver anyways - only to go faster through a monthly cap and owe even more). I picked the extreme too because of the ridiculously expensive $8/GB extra over the low cap.

Wow. OC3?

Nah, WAY too slow for an OC3. Looks like FiOS or such.

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actually we have multiple internet connections. The connection that test was run on is part of a fiber link. With over 23000 devices connected in the last week and that doesn't include VOIP you gotta have something good.

Can't remember if it was OC-1 or OC-3 and they split the OC-3 amongst the separate VLANS. been too long since it happened.

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