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  1. It seems to be working fine now. It might have been a "load" issue on the server. Maybe I was posting during nightly maintenance or something.
  2. It nows seems that it would be a video card issue. I had only a single monitor plugged in when I was building it at the office, but when I delivered it to the customer, there were 3 screens installed. At the customer's location, the issue did not occur. The mysteries of technology sometimes.
  3. When I post a new topic, the page spins and spins but never changes. However, if I check the section where I attempted to post to, the post is actually published. If I click Post New Topic again while its spinning, it'll keep posting a new duplicate topics.
  4. I have a build here that's being really odd. The concerned components are a Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP motherboard with an i3-4130 on it. Windows 7 is installed and running flawlessly. I've burn tested (prime95, fur mark, etc...) the heck out of it for a few consecutive days now, and not a single error, lag, bluescreen, or otherwise. The problem I have is that I can cold start the computer, I can shut down the computer, but I cannot restart. If I attempt to restart, Windows shuts down, then I get a black screen, and it just hangs there indefinately. If I hold the power button to force it to shutdown, then cold start it again, it starts as if it had expected to continue its restart. No errors, no bluescreen. Its almost as if Windows is sending the command to restart to the motherboard and the motherboard is just ignoring it. Windows having done its part no longer exists, hence the dead black screen. That's what I can tell anyway. Has anyone experienced this? Anyone have an idea? Maybe I need a Microsoft hotfix? Or maybe I just need to sit it out and wait for Gigabyte to release a BIOS update?
  5. I took a risk and opened up one of the boxes. Turns out that when you install the software via the office.com website, it asks you what country you're in and what language you want to install.
  6. I bought 3 copies of a Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 in french (Microsoft part number T5D-01575) for a customer. At the last minute, the customer asks me to install his computers in english instead. With Windows 7, there's absolutely no problem installing and activating Windows in english and using a french product key, and vice versa, they are absolutely interchangeable. With the fact that I have to download Office 2013 from the Internet, does anyone know if I can download, install, and activate Office 2013 in English using a French product key? Or did I just get myself shafted with $750 of unusable licenses and be forced to buy it again in English?
  7. You'll want to take a read of these topics : WUD UL Schema and Packaging ULs
  8. jcarle

    showing beta also

    The update dropdown is for updates to the program, not the contents of the ULs.
  9. Unfortunately, it's not that simple as the download URL for each update contains the GUID for it, which is different between the english and french version of each file.
  10. I have but you can't remove the parent domain from the forest after doing so. Since I am going from a parent domain as the forest root to a child domain as the forest root, the only options are to either rename the existing domain or create a new forest all together.
  11. The domain DNS does resolve to external DNS and the domain is an internet registered domain which we own. However DNS resolution is properly setup and does not conflict. If the NETBIOS name does not change and it is in fact a requirement that it does change, does that mean I'll have to do a double rename? Once to a fake and temporary domain, then a second time to the final desired domain?
  12. I'm preparing on doing a domain rename (I'm changing a domain from "domain.com" to "network.domain.com") and I've been reading on the documentation provided here : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc738208(v=WS.10).aspx One part has got me a bit nervous : "Be sure to avoid any possible name conflicts with the new names that you choose. Name conflicts can cause unpredictable and severe results. For example, a conflict with the NetBIOS name can render a domain controller unusable because you might not be able to properly remove AD DS from it." Now, even though "domain.com" will be changing to "network.domain.com", the NETBIOS name of "DOMAIN" will still be "DOMAIN". Is that in itself a conflict? Also, this is a single DC domain without Exchange or DFS shares. Can someone please check over my notes and see if I've missed anything?
  13. It is impossible that installing WUD would have crashed Windows. It is most likely that you have a hardware or driver issue with your computer. I hope you are able to resolve your issue.
  14. @steven4554, I've posted your updated UL on the program's website. Thanks.
  15. The LSI 9260 and 9280 get better I/O on SSD then the 3ware cards.
  16. The way that Office 2007 and Office 2010 work is that you add the updates you want to add into the Updates folder as the extracted MSI files. During installation, those MSI files get applied after the main installation automatically. For a detailed guide of the procedures, I recommend you take a look at the following article: http://www.petri.co.il/slipstream-updates-for-office-2007.htm
  17. If you formatted the drive AND installed a new copy of XP on top of it, you can pretty much kiss your data goodbye.
  18. That's also very unlikely, unless his son is a velociraptor. Often the cause of eratic startup success on power up is simply due to fatigue of the spindle's drive motor, usually due to low quality parts.
  19. The majority of the cases are simply due to having drives that run too hot for enclosures with so little ventilation. The reason that most 2.5" enclosures are often without issue is that they typically (for power consumption reasons) are composed of the slower (therefore cooler) 5400 RPM variants. Installing a 5400 RPM drive in a 3.5" enclosure (good luck finding one now) would likely bring about similar reliability to the 2.5" variants. Perhaps a variable speed (5400 RPM to 7200 RPM, such as the GP series for Western Digital) in the 3.5" may also work.
  20. You may want to consider http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ instead as they include only freeware applications.
  21. They upgraded the cables in the street. It nudged my downstream up a bit. Yay!
  22. I would suggest HouseCall in that case.
  23. It certainly does. The error messages means just that. Windows XP did not find a hard drive. Emphasis on "Windows XP". It does not mean that your hard drive doesn't exists, it just means that Windows XP couldn't find one. Now, the most common reason is that your hard drive is installed on a controller that is not compatible with the original Windows XP drivers or your controller is configured in a mode that Windows XP did not natively support (AHCI for example). The solution is to add the appropriate driver during Text-Mode Setup using the F6 key. If you can post additional information on your motherboard and perhaps your hard drive type (IDE, SATA, SCSI or SAS) then we may be able to help you further.
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