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What's your internet connection like?


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Hmmm. One has to wonder at the accuracy, since I'm actually 200 mi from the server--not the 100 listed. Still, not too bad for being out in the woods, 200 miles from the nearest real city....and sure beats the 43.3kbps dialup 3 yrs ago. :rolleyes:

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Hehe... university network speeds rule... :D

I think I've actually been able to get higher uploads than that before. I've uploaded files to external sites at 2.5MB/s... oh well - can't complain. :P



Hehe... just got a better speed. I'll try again tonight when there are fewer people on campus.

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On my lousy 8/0.8 Mbit.

I had a very nice 100/100 Fibre-LAN connection before (not very uncommon in Sweden), but I unfortunately had to move to another apartment. I got a maximum of around 90-something Mbit/s in both directions with that one. The price of that connection was about 50$/month, my current 8/0.8 costs the same.

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