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  1. I had some time to have a play and it seems your suspicions were correct. I made a script that wrote to the registry, checked the write was successfull then read and logged the key to a file. The Flag was changed to the dword value of 43 but shortly after was updated to 71. The mini setup as you call it that configures the desktop settings also configures some IE settings, this is just after Windows Media Player in the dialog box. My suggestion would be to write a batch file that adds the key and then deletes itself. Copy this to the Startup folder.
  2. Well from the OP and he did say "i forget office license key." Therefore an assumption is made that it is already installed and he wants to reinstall. Get the key from the current install, reinstall WIn 7 and install office and use key to activate.
  3. I have an 11 year old boy who has recently started acting a bit secretive with his msn. He is hanging around with some questionable scrotes and despite me asking him to stop seeing them he continues to do so. They communicate at night using Windows Live messenger and I did use one of the numerous programs to log the conversations (he kept turning off the defualt MS option) on his laptop but now he has d/l an app for his ipod touch so obviously these are no good. I would like to keep an eye on him again just to make sure nothing is going on and avoid the arguments and lying that would most likely occur, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a method to record just this traffic. I have a wireless network and the connection is via a adsl modem from our service provider (PlusNet). As this is a switch the sniffing program won't work. The model is a Thomson tg585 and is pretty locked down when it comes to configuring things. I have read about port mirroring and arp spoofing but I don't think these to be do able. I know this is a touchy subject, why don't I block net access, take phone and ipod of him etc but that is more trouble as this will just force him to find another way I may noy know about. IDoes anyone know of a method to do this? Thanks
  4. I am on with it, just a bit busy at the moment
  5. The program reads entries from the cache.ini file. If the entries are there in the but the folders or files aren't this will produce the error. Can you check that this is the case.
  6. Yes. The msp files contain information that is used for the registry entries. When slipstreamed the information isn't added but is needed as MU checks for it to find out if an update is installed. The Integrator uses this information to create a reg file and it is imported after the Office setup so the updates are registered as installed.
  7. I could if there was any info in the msi. If I inputed some sort of English description (Unsure of what they all are myself) then I would need to translate it for each language. This is done in the latest release. Haven't had any reply notification from the board so miised these last posts. Had a personal message from sb4200 (who seems to have been deleted now) telling me of a fault. It does now. I installed the full suite of apps from the new version and those msi's are still listed. I will be releasing the latest version with the updated A-Patch later on.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am a bit anal about neatness and cable layout and I think it would also be easier. Less crimping of RJ45 I can just punch the connections into the panel and buy some patch cables. I'll look for a 48 port panel, that way if I need to I can always get another switch. I still dream of a world where fridges are connected to the net and the Gas and Electric meters are read online so no moving of furniture or waiting in for meter readers.
  9. I am soon to start renovations on a house I have bought. Whilst I have the ceilings down and the floor boards up I am going to run CAT5e cable to all the rooms and have 2 network points in each. The idea is to use a 24 port gigabit switch with POE (Netgear GS724TP - 100EUS Pro-Safe, maybe) 2 ports for each room but use an 8 port gigabit switch in the living room instead of running 8 lengths of cable. I always wanted to tinker with IP cameras so the idea is to have External POE IP cameras outside (Front and Back) and internal IP cameras in other rooms with some software (AXIS?) to monitor and\or get a DVR to record the outside. One question is this, do I really need to use a patch panel to terminate the connections? I was just going to plug straight into the switch. I have never attempted anything this big so I could use some advise. I have Googled and got a list of bookmarks going but wanted to ask for others opinions\advise. Cheers
  10. Nothing wrong with your English bud, I sometimes tend to skim read posts when I am multi tasking and get the wrong idea
  11. I think just mara- has found the solution because I try on a pc without wlm installed and everything went well. Also with your test build the reboot hang loop was fixed for me. Thank you! Sweet, I'll release a new build later. Thanks. Done. First post updated.
  12. I have just created an Italian WLM addon and tested using RVMI with just that addon in a VM. It installed OK and I could log in successfully. I also did not have the problem with the "self heal" either so it appears that it is not a language problem. Just re-read your post pipster, I assumed you were using the addon on a clean system not running the exe. The reg changes are only needed for the addon and I forgot to add a check for this so they were added to the exe , not that it matters now they are redundant.

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