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HOTFIXES: Win2000 SP4, WinXP SP2, WinXP SP3 and Win2003 SP2

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Hello. Awesome work!

But - is there a list of xpsp2 hotfixes for systems WITHOUT IE7? Hell, I am never gonna install that crap...

I understand this list is slightly different to IE6 installation.

What's the problem with IE7? With it and WMP11 at least you have less hotfixes to integrate.

Everything!! IE7 and WMP is about the biggest garbage out there. I'd love to see a list of fixes that apply only to IE6 :)

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Thanks the_guy for your work!

Edited (in fact all is okay on real machine)

Anyone has noticed Internet Explorer 7 updates aren't displayed in Automatic Updates tool (in yellow shield) ?

I have installed all updates except IE7 and Automatic Updates tool says nothing, but on WindwsUpdate.com there are the 2 ie7 updates avaible.

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hey, new to this whole slip streaming stuff. Just wondering what you meant by

KB873374 -› Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool

Download -› 216 KB (September 21, 2004)

Switches: KB873374.exe /Q:A /R:N (HALT BOX)

import this registry setting instead:

REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\GdiDetectionTool" /v "GDITool" /t REG_DWORD /d "00000001" /f

so in the .inf file, do you want me to put "REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\GdiDetectionTool" /v "GDITool" /t REG_DWORD /d "00000001" /f" instead of how i would normally put the switch? I've searched the forum and found some threads about it, but they have just confused me further. If you say to just add that one line, why is someone going and doing a 7 step process just to fool the system? Furthermore, someone said something about needing Office to use this tool (i read it all last night so this is all from memory), so do i have to slipstream office in order to get this one file to work? Ima try to do what i thought i was supposed to do (as i said earlier) and try it out on a VM. if that doesn't work i'll definitely be needing help to add something to the registry (i have no idea how to do this).

K i set up two installers: the first with RyanVM's pack and some addons (worked perfectly) and the other with everything i did. When i tried my version out (all trials were on a Virtual Machine), it formated the drive and did that whole copying system file part. However, once it got to actually installing XP, it would give me an error ("not enough virtual memory or paging file quota is available to complete the specified operation"...i had to screen shot this b/c its on screen for a fraction of a second) and then reboots only to repeat the cycle. I set it up to have 20gigs n 128MB of memory. Video RAM= 8 (i can't change this) Video Cache (goes up to 9 then restarts the VM). Why would this happen on the setup i created vs. the setup using RyanVM's stuff?

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  • 2 weeks later...

This Month for XP SP2:

KB890830 V1.27 "5ABA0A63-8B4C-4197-A6AB-A1035539234D"

KB929338 Stop error message in Windows XP with Service Pack 2: "STOP 0x0000001a: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" or "STOP 0x0000000a: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

This problem occurs because of a race condition in the memory manager.

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Got a question, since you guys seem to be Hotfix Gods...

I recently made a XP Pro SP2 build with the latest RVM updatepack, an IE7 addon, A RunOnce'd Office 2k3 setup and nothing more. then I booted and made a list of the 20 or so WinXP/Office 2003 updates that WU found to install. No Problem.

Then, I slipstreamed those Office2k3 and WinXP hotfixes into their respective source. Now, when I boot this CD, WUpdate still pukes a big list of XP and Office 2k3 updates it wants to download. This would not be a strange thing, except...

#1: All the updates in the list were slipstreamed.

#2: Two of those said updates (KB928090 and KB929969) were actually in the RVM Update Pack, which we know works great.

#3: QFEcheck and WinUpdatesList both say all those hotfixes are installed and 100% happy.

Response: What in the holy freakin'...?!

Below is the list I'm getting..

---WinXP Updates---

KB905474 - Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Update

KB917734 - Security Update - Media Player 9

KB923689 - Security Update for Windows XP

---Already In RVM 2.1.7---

KB928090 - Cumulative Update IE7 WinXP (RVM 2.1.7)

KB929969 - Security Update for IE7 for WinXP

---Office 2k3 Updates---

KB894542 - Security Update for Publisher 2003

KB907417 - Security Update for Office 2003

KB914455 - Security Update for Office 2003

KB919029 - Security Update for Office 2003

KB920103 - Security Update for Infopath 2003

KB920813 - Security Update for Office 2003

KB923097 - Security Update for Office 2003

KB924085 - Security Update for Outlook 2003

KB924424 - Security Update for Office 2003

KB924885 - Update Outlook 2K3 Junk Filter

KB929057 - Security Update for Word 2003

KB929058 - Workbook 2007 Portal Excel 2003

KB929060 - Security Update for Powerpoint 2003

KB929064 - Security Update for Office 2003

KB925251 - Slovenian Currency Euro Update for Office 2003

Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

Note: To anyone else who thinks they're being REALLY HELPFUL by PM'ing me with "Office aren't(sic) in RVM you dumbass" please be aware I do know that. That's not the problem. The problem is, these updates are all slipstreamed, two tools in WinXP show them as slipstreamed, the file versions match the slipstreamed versions, yet WU still wants to download and apply them again.

Kindly learn to read ALL the words before spewing your uncanny grasp of stupidity in my direction.


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If you didn't include WMP 11, then KB917734 and KB923689 will still show up. KB905474 is included in his WGA addon.

KB928090 and KB929969 should be installed fine. I have no idea why they show up.

All of your Office updates show up because Microsoft Update still shows up your Office Updates even though they are slipstreamed. You can either add the registry entries (available on the web) or reinstall them.


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