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  1. Thought I had the latest version installed already; that patch fixed the issue. Thanks!
  2. It doesn't show it, but that file is also build 7047. Is this perhaps an error with only the English version?
  3. This is with the latest version installed. Also, tomaz, what sorts of issues crop up with those files? Same version number. I was able to fix the issue by opening the file up in a hex editor and fixing 5 bytes to properly identify the functions. I can tell you what offsets need patching to save you some time, if you'd like.
  4. I don't remember exactly but I'll try them once again and tell you what happened Cool! You were saying that shlwapi.dll doesn't work properly, but that's more of a shell component now anyway, I think.
  5. This is with the latest version installed. Also, tomaz, what sorts of issues crop up with those files?
  6. Perhaps I am; at the very least, IE6 SP3 should work without an issue. I can picture IE7/IE8 somehow breaking Windows 2000 if they were installed...
  7. I hate to double-post, but I feel that this is important enough to warrant posting. The updated advapi32.dll is breaking the device manager as it no longer includes WmiSetSingleInstanceW. Just looking through the file, you have a function called WmiSet8lngleInstanceAåYmiSetSingleISvtanceW located in it. If I had to hazard a guess, that's actually supposed to be two separate functions that wouldn't break the device manager, amongst other things.
  8. Hey blackwingcat, I've been looking into what APIs are required to get the latest IE cumulative updates for XP SP3 and 2003 SP2 to install, as well as IE7 and IE8. IE 6: ole32.dll CoRegisterInitializeSpy CoRevokeInitializeSpy shlwapi.dll SHCreateThreadRef AssocGetPerceivedType IE 7: dbghelp.dll MiniDumpReadDumpStream MiniDumpWriteDump ole32.dll CoRegisterInitializeSpy CoRevokeInitializeSpy rpcrt4.dll RpcServerInqCallAttributesW shell32.dll SHCreateShellItem 0x02D7 (ordinal) 0x02EB (ordinal) shlwapi.dll AssocGetPerceivedType IsCharSpaceA user32.dll IsWinEventHookInstalled wintrust.dll WTHelperCertCheckValidSignature IE 8: kernel32.dll IsProcessInJob ole32.dll CoRegisterInitializeSpy CoRevokeInitializeSpy shell32.dll SHCreateShellItem 0x02D7 (ordinal) 0x02EB (ordinal) shlwapi.dll AssocGetPerceivedType IsCharSpaceA user32.dll IsWinEventHookInstalled wintrust.dll WTHelperCertCheckValidSignature Other than those issues, IE 6 thru 8 SHOULD work without a hitch on 2000. The list of dependencies for both IE 7 and IE 8 have a lot of duplications, and 3 of the 4 requirements for IE 6 are propogated in both IE 7 and IE 8.
  9. I'm looking into it; trouble is, it won't be for a little while. I hope to have it all working flawlessly before I release it.
  10. Oh ok. What sort of issues does it come up with?
  11. After checking out various IE6 files from XP SP3 and 2003 SP2, it is possible to make use of those updates, as long as some file mixing occurs. XP SP3's browseui.dll has 2 unresolved dependencies in ole32.dll, CoRegisterInitializeSpy and CoRevokeInitializeSpy. 2003 SP2's browseui.dll does not have this issue. However, 2003 SP2's shlwapi.dll has 4 unresolved dependencies in kernel32.dll (ActivateActCtx, CreateActCtx, DeactivateActCtx, and ReleaseActCtx), as well as 1 unresolved dependency in ntdll.dll (RtlIsThreadWithinLoaderCallout). Since almost every other file in both streams requires a couple of missing APIs in shlwapi.dll and the latest shlwapi.dll update for those platforms (MS10-007) has the same missing dependency situation as the base SP level. Just an idea for how everyone can keep their IE6 up to date; it's still in support under 2003 until July of 2015.
  12. From what I've seen online, there also looks like there's a build of shell32.dll from MS10-046 kicking around, with a version number 0f 5.0.3900.7424 and a timestamp of July 27, 2010. Only found the existence of it while Googling that version of spoolsv.exe.
  13. Hey all, I know it's been a long time since I've been active here, but I happened to stumble across something. MS03-042 contains a newer version of tshoot.ocx for Windows 2000 (version It appears to work on 98SE (Dependency Walker didn't throw any issues with it) if anyone is able to test it out at all.
  14. Can you just copy ndis.vxd at the same time the files from the K6-2 patch are copied over? I'd test it, but I don't have access to a PC with a CPU over 2.1 GHz to run in Virtual PC.
  15. That's nice to hear, CharlesF. Let's tell MDGx about this so that he can create a new unofficial IE6 SP1 cumulative update for Win98/ME/NT4. unfortunately, Dave-H, that's the sad truth. not even blackwingcat can make IE6 SP2, IE7 or IE8 work under Win2000. IE6 SP1 support for Win2000 SP4 will end in mid-July 2010, cluberti. read 'em and weep, 98/ME users. I've copied files from an XP SP3 source with that version of IE, and the only file I've had issues with is browseui.dll (which hasn't been updated since SP3 was released, therefore not containing any security fixes for quite some time), and I've had no issues with said system.
  16. If you don't want to install the update, the InstallID registry key is all that's required to prevent installation. the_guy
  17. These drivers They might say 2000/XP, but the drivers appear to work on Windows 98SE as they are WDM drivers which don't have a 2000/XP only header. the_guy
  18. Try to install this driver, from the dell website, listed for your laptop: Driver the_guy
  19. To download it maybe, but the file itself should be fine. the_guy
  20. Why not post the link to the updated gdi+ standalone instead? the_guy
  21. I'm on vacation right now, but I should have it on by next Thursday. the_guy
  22. List updated with August 2008 hotfixes. the_guy
  23. List updated with August 2008 hotfixes. the_guy
  24. List updated with August 2008 hotfixes. the_guy
  25. After a 6 month delay, the list has (finally) been updated. Sorry everyone, the_guy

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