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  1. dll missing at startup

    Thanx for eveyone and you were all right it was cleaned but my antivirus ) all i had to do is to delete the entries
  2. dll missing at startup

    but theese dlls are not cought by my antivirus i once restared my computer and until now i m having theese errors if theese dll aren t from the windows system then i can remove them but i wanted to know if they are from wndows
  3. dll missing at startup

    but i thnik that theese dlls are needed i want to fix them noot just remove that message
  4. dll missing at startup

    so what can i do to fix theese do i have to remove the entry from startup in msconfig or do anything else ? Thanx in advance
  5. dll missing at startup

    hi everyone well when my windows vista starts i gets theese errors can someone help me fixing them Thanx in advance
  6. yahoo messenger installer

    @ radix Thanx very much dude it helped a lot well the path wasn t corrent i was under vista so the path is C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\Temp\8714009 @ionut_y Thanx to you too for trying to help but what you uploaded is the us version as i needed the french one so radix method helped me and it is usefull for newer versions
  7. hi everyone i have a question cananyone tell me how to get the installer of yahoo messenger before while istalling it was created inyahoo folder but now nothing Thanx in advance
  8. K-Lite

    you open the command line interpreter ( that utility like dos for typing commands ) u run there k-lite with that command for example like this " c:\klmcodec.exe -MakeUnattended " if your software is in c: of course if u have an made an unattended windows i think u know the basics at leat
  9. Vuze

    hi everyone me too want really to know if there is a switch for vuze also -q dont anymore work
  10. K-Lite

    Hi COKEDUDEUSF first i think your post should be in this section and not in Unattended Windows 2000/XP/2003 wwell first run K-lite with this command " -MakeUnattended "and follow the steps until the end it will create 2 files klmcp.bat and klmcp.ini and then add this command to your cmd file ............../klmcodec.exe /verysilent /LoadInf=".\klmcp.ini" i hope this helps
  11. Hi the_guy and Thanx for this Update list but i think there is a mistake about one hotfix which is KB938127 -› Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language could allow remote code execution Download -› 781 KB (August 13, 2007) Switches: KB938127.exe /q /n /z this is no more needed for windows xp sp3 i think it doesn t show up in hotfixes needed by windows update and refering to this it s needed only to windows xp service pack 2 + IE7 also this update shows up to me KB951072 and KB952287 and KB951978 and this last one about flash player also shows up for sp3 System Requirements * Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition ; Windows XP Service Pack 2; Windows XP Service Pack 3 Thanx
  12. Did anyone notice the new Hotfixes ??!! so can someone tell if there are some removed and can make a list of what s new ? Thanx
  13. Azureus silent install help

    Thanx for trying to help but that does not work i even tried to extract it using uniextract but without success Any other suggestion ? Unattended install switch for latest version: Azureus_3.0.3.4_windows.exe -q -Q, /q or /Q will not work, it must be -q (pretty dodgy I know). Wow This works like a charm Kurt_Aust Thank you very much man Iwonder how did u find it
  14. hi everyone there is a new Internet Explorer Version 7.0.5730.13 I wonder if this new version removes some IE hotfixes !!
  15. Making Nero 8 a silent install

    hi rajesh.kumar is this for windows 2000 ??!! because KB884016 v2 is for win 2000 or winxp sp1 and winxp sp2 already have directx 9.0c i think and like NERO_SCOUT="FALSE" can we remove other components too ? Thanx