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  1. Gee

    TCP/IP Patch.

    It should help if you are using P2P applications. There is a seperate patch floating around. Event ID 4226
  2. Hmm, not sure how a .cab file will help you. You can integrate in cmdlines.txt with this command "regedit /s tweaks.reg" Or if you don't want people to see your file. Use something like reg2exe and make it an executable. Then just install it with your hotfixes or cmdlines.txt
  3. I am under the impression that he does not want the application installed unattended. But to allow the user to install it as they wish.
  4. Better Late than never copy the two modified .dll files to XPCD\$OEM$ In your clean up batch file, copy /y %systemdrive%\*.dll "%systemdrive%\program files\icq\"
  5. Here is what I would do. According to the above, you are copying a folder called Nod32 to the %SystemDrive% usually c:\ I would move install.bat to This will achieve exactly what you want, assuming the contents of your install.bat looks similar to this @echo off %SystemDrive%\Nod32\setup.exe or @echo off cd \Nod32 setup The custom icon will be a little tougher. Because you are using a batch file, there are no resources attached to it. You have to create an executable and then change the icon. That is a little more involved. Try the above, it will get you the shortcut on the desktop for all users. If you really want the icon, you will need RAR or 7z and create an switchless installer. Then use Resource Hacker to change the icon.
  6. Replace the files in your clean up batch file. This way it will still be unattended. I still use ICQ 2003b and I am pretty sure I will eventaully have to switch over to the lite version. But since they haven't updated the program in 4 years, it is a safe bet that copying the .dll files during your cleanup command will be a permanent solution.
  7. If I recall, the anti-banner patch just patches two .dll files, so all you have to do is install silently and then replace the .dll files.
  8. Wouldn't a DVD be a better choice? You have the capacity of 6 CDs and it is cheaper to buy
  9. You want to slipstream all the updates. There is a way to do it, but it is not advisable as some updates get removed from month to month.
  10. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of an UnAttended installation? Either it is unattended or interactive. There is no in between. If you are looking to get the reapir installation, forget it. Do a search, it cannot be done if the install is unattended.
  11. If you have WMP11 Installed, there is also an update KB929399 Here is the direct link http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/5...99-x86-intl.exe
  12. It works for me, but you still have to enter a User Name etc. It just skips the licence agreement.
  13. Your link for WGA Notifications is broken. Here is a working link http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  14. Okay, the new KB905474 no longer stores the hidden critical updates in the software distribution folder. Anyone have an idea where this is stored? Ryan?

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