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HOTFIXES: Win2000 SP4, WinXP SP2, WinXP SP3 and Win2003 SP2

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I haven't had time to test this yet, but can we now install IE7 in svcpack?

I assume we would have to install in this order (from svcpack)



KB929969.exe (Probably will not install as a reboot is required after IE7 is installed)

.. Other Hotfixes

After IE7 installs, KB928090 will over write the iernonce.dll so RunOnceEx will not crash.

Can anyone confirm this?

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I get it worked. I did the following trick:

I extracted IE7.exe and I extracted also KB928090.exe, then i copied the file "iernonce.dll" from the extracted KB928090.exe to the the extracted IE7.exe (overwrite it).

Finally i repacked again the extracted IE7.exe with winrar:

Setup=update\iesetup.exe /quiet /update-no /nobackup /norestart




Title=Internet Explorer 7

I have installed IE7 via SVCPACK.inf and the hotfixes KB928090, KB929969 via RunOnceEx.

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By the way, until now I used a batch-file for avoiding the setup routine of KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool), but it does not work any more as expected.

FFCBCFA5-4EA1-4d66-A3DC-224C8006ACAE is the correct version identifier for the Feb07-Version 1.26, but Windows Update shows me that I have to install the Jul06-Version 1.18 of KB890830. If I install that version, it shows me the Feb07-Update next of course. :( Anyone else with the problem or any solution?

Batch file i use:

REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RemovalTools\MRT" /V "EULA" /t REG_DWORD /D "00000001" /F
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RemovalTools\MRT" /v "Version" /t REG_SZ /d "FFCBCFA5-4EA1-4d66-A3DC-224C8006ACAE" /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\MRT" /v "DontReportInfectionInformation" /t REG_DWORD /D "00000001" /F

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Hi Guys,

Well, i don't know if this is the best place to post... any way, please let me known if i need to post on another place.

I'm creating a new Updated CD from "Start" - just grab a Original Windows XP SP2 VLK CD, and started to download all the HotFix from this topic (page 1) and the last page.

Now just renamed all my hotfix to Dos 8.3 format - and created the SVCPACK file. Using logical number order ... here is my HotFix install list.

Anyway the topic says it's for SP2 with IE7 and WMP11 - well, that's not a problem, since i use it and had no problem. But i think i missed something ...

How do i Integrate those files? SVCPACK - RunOnceEX ... didn't find the correct answer.

BTW I'm using a Portuguese Brazil version - so all the files mentioned here i grab the PTB version.

Can someone help me with that ? What to do next and have a Full CD with SP2 + IE7 + WMP11 and HotFixes !?

;Windows XP
Signature="$Windows NT$"



KB873339.exe /q /n /z
KB885626.exe /q /n /z
KB885836.exe /q /n /z
KB886185.exe /q /n /z
KB888302.exe /q /n /z
KB890859.exe /q /n /z
KB891781.exe /q /n /z
KB893756.exe /q /n /z
KB893803.exe /q /n /z
KB896358.exe /q /n /z
KB896424.exe /q /n /z
KB896428.exe /q /n /z
KB898461.exe /q /n /z
KB899587.exe /q /n /z
KB899591.exe /q /n /z
KB900725.exe /q /n /z
KB901017.exe /q /n /z
KB901190.exe /q /n /z
KB901214.exe /q /n /z
KB902400.exe /q /n /z
KB904706.exe /q /n /z
KB905414.exe /q /n /z
KB905749.exe /q /n /z
KB908519.exe /q /n /z
KB908531.exe /q /n /z
KB910437.exe /q /n /z
KB911280.exe /q /n /z
KB911562.exe /q /n /z
KB911564.exe /q /n /z
KB911927.exe /q /n /z
KB912919.exe /q /n /z
KB913580.exe /q /n /z
KB914389.exe /q /n /z
KB916595.exe /q /n /z
KB917422.exe /q /n /z
KB917537.exe /q /n /z
KB917734.exe /q /n /z
KB917953.exe /q /n /z
KB918118.exe /q /n /z
KB928255.exe /q /n /z
KB918439.exe /q /n /z
KB928843.exe /q /n /z
KB918997.exe /q /n /z
KB919007.exe /q /n /z
KB920670.exe /q /n /z
KB920683.exe /q /n /z
KB920872.exe /q /n /z
KB921398.exe /q /n /z
KB922582.exe /q /n /z
KB922616.exe /q /n /z
KB922819.exe /q /n /z
KB923191.exe /q /n /z
KB923414.exe /q /n /z
KB923689.exe /q /n /z
KB923694.exe /q /n /z
KB923789.exe /q:a /r:n
KB923980.exe /q /n /z
KB924191.exe /q /n /z
KB924270.exe /q /n /z
KB924667.exe /q /n /z
KB926247.exe /q /n /z
KB926436.exe /q /n /z
KB926255.exe /q /n /z
KB927779.exe /q /n /z
KB927802.exe /q /n /z
KB928090.exe /q /n /z
KB929969.exe /q /n /z
KB931836.exe /q /n /z

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