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nLite 1.2.1 Final - Finish him!


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Now that you have released vLite for Windows Vista.

Please do not stop making nLite.

XP will continue to have more users that Windows Vista for quite some time.

I hope you release a new version of nLite containing bugfixes and maybe some new features. Also, try fixing the problems current users are having with WMP11 integratation with the add-on.

Hope you consder this.

Thank you,


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After dual-booting Vista and XP for almost 24 hours, I must say that nLite has made a large difference. A standard Vista Enterprise install w/ Office 2007 takes the same amount of space as XP with many more programs installed, including Visual Studio 2005, Office 2007, and others. Keep up the good work on both nLite and vLite. It will be quite an accomplishment to skim Vista to less than 700 MB. Computing has not been the same since the introduction of permanent component removal. Thanks nuhi!

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After extended testing of nlite 1.21 it is still unclear what makes the difference on permissions of 3.1 installer after nliting.

I have dell sp2 original disk (meaning sp was integrated by dell, not slipstreamed by me) and xp sp2 corp



If difference between them is only in branding, drivers and upgrade capabilities (found on web), why nlite works fine with corp and does not properly put permissions on installer on dell xp files after nliting?

Does it mean that basic system files are different in those versions? 'Upgraded' by dell to work better with dell machines? Can some one confirm that?

But with 1.01 version both versions nlited and integrated installer hotfix the same way - correctly putting permissions of installer.



Admin full control

System full control

everyone read

All those permissions are missing in nlited dell xp version and are causing mistakes while opening files (exel, word etc.) in explorer? (check event log)

Thank You in advance,


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sry to bother with this stupid question (nlite 1.2.1 final working great by the way)

how do i disable the autologin function i activated with nlite ? i got tired of my brother using my computer, so i want to input pasword to login once again (i have a pasword set, but i have autologin too :P )

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ok, thx XD

i have a pasword set (my pasword) but i used autologin (but now i want my family to know that even if they get my pc runing, they cant use it, i have a custom made case, and instead of a buton, i have a key for power up, and my brother messed with it causing me trouble last night -_- )

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look at this

i have tried 20 installations, and i always get BSOD stop:0x0000007E

i think the problem it's intel matrix raid v6.2 driver, it works with original WinXP @ F6,

but with nLitedXP @ F6, the driver is loaded from floppy, and after restart, i get BSOD

when installing on ms VPC2004 it's perfect

i'm running nlite1.2.1

yes, i'm portuguese and my english sound like sh*t

this is my latest try


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hi nuhi! this might be a little late to comment on the latest ver:

(1) separation of showing full path in the address bar & title bar is great :thumbup

(2) redundancy in Tweaks section:

1st instance: Explorer-Disable File MRU-List

2nd instance: Privacy-Disable File MRU-List

(3) with either .cat files removal enabled or not, SFC is grayed-out with "enable" status (couldn't change it to "disable"



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