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  1. Acheron you didn't make me know what you think about my question / request It's rubbish. 1. The sounds are ANNOYING. 2. Add your own icons if you really want extra clutter crapping all over the quicklaunch bar.
  2. another nice easy way to change autologin: hold Windows Key & the letter R (brings up Run dialogue box) & type in: control userpasswords2 hit Enter, and change your settings.
  3. Right... call the thread "IE7 Direct Addon, Where is the link?" and then ask for something "without the addon." Nice one.
  4. I always integrate the AMD CPU drivers. Never bothered with that other utility tho. Works fine.
  5. Problem is acknowledged. It's because of missing CoverEdCtrl.ocx. UPDATE: Nero 7 Lite v7.2.0.3b rev 1.0.2 April 30th 2006 +Added CoverEdCtrl.ocx (Labelflash support) UPDATE: Swedish build of Nero 7 Lite added! hi, the CoverEdCtrl.ocx doesn't get registered if you don't use the default installation directory. In fact there are many missing file errors when you try to use any non-default install directory, because the InnoSetup piles a few files into the default regardless of the user's preference. To get the Disc T@2 working I just copied the CoverEdCtrl.ocx file into my Nero 7 dir and did regsvr CoverEdCtrl.ocx and now it works fine.
  6. Please, can anybody answer/say something about this? Thx "something about this" yw
  7. holey crap those are some clunky, childish looking cursors. how about something a little more professional?
  8. riggits

    64bit support?

    he;s saying that he can Install the program on WinXP-64. however, he obviously has not tried to patch WinXP-64 with it yet.
  9. WinXP 64bit has access to 4 more registers; theoretically, it can do things faster than Win32. However, most programs hardly need 64bit addressing (who has more than 4GB of RAM? servers, mostly) and most encoding apps, which CAN benefit, are written for 32bit Windows. Even the 64bit Linux distros don't take advantage of 64bit processing (ie, SuSE 9.3, etc, as of 2005-05-23) For the record, my Athlon64 3000 is rock-solid, not a single blue screen since inception. Uptime is months already.
  10. He's paid for his Windows, so why would activation be necessary? In my country, and in most countries worldwide, the buyer has certain rights that must be protected. Therefore it should be encouraged to fix the problem. It's legally and morally correct not to activate unless you're in a country where consumers have no rights.
  11. In case you didn't read the release notes, there is *no upgrade* installation option. You can't go from Win32 to Win64 with an upgrade install. Also, the upgrade has always been a half-assed approach, usually resulting in some form of corruption. It's much preferable to force a clean install.

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