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  1. @ Stefan Net framework 4 final is out. Are you planning to work on this project? Just let us know... All the best, Alex
  2. @x-Shadow-x Man, just let us know are you working on this project or not? All the best, Alex
  3. Hi x-Shadow-x, The project is just great! Waiting for the update! Why Nero decided to make two identical folders with only express and burning rom exe different files? This makes install space twice bigger! I do not understand. Previously shortcut with /w used the same exe for express and burning rom... And now switching requires the whole installler folder in commmon files. This is crazy... All the best, Alex
  4. well, everytjing works for me except switching nero burning rom\express and no video cd support. Would be nice to add cover designer... But repackaging actually does not lite nero. We need strip down exe and dll files as it was done in nero8lite but it requires too much time to accompliish.. Thanks Shadow!
  5. @MagicAndre1981, Is there any difference in recapturing win7 image with imagex from vista waik and with imagex from win7 waik? Is imagex from win7 waik better in some way? Thanks, Alex
  6. zebus disclosed the secret of winsxs before I posted it! And it was enough only to mention it is possible! Guys, you are incredible! All the best, Alex
  7. @dead0, I can install all updates! Didn't tested only language packs as I do not need them. But before doing some other tests I will try them too and will report back if you are interested. Nuhi left some mistakes with channels but it is easy to fix actually. Alex
  8. @aviv00 It is not GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package, but thank you for the tip. Update works and that is how it should be! All the best, Alex
  9. tested with frsn windows 7 ult and removed only winsxs, no way the same error with event log, so it can not be that you do not have this error too. Alex
  10. @aviv00 No, of course I did not remove the event log with vlite. Just tell me do yoy have this problem o not? Maybe I should leave GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package... Thanks, Alex
  11. @aviv00 Thank You for your guide. For me everything works fine even without reboot.xml removal. My winsxs folder only 105 mb. And I even can install all updates from window updates. Did not tested language pack as I do not need it and anyway you can integrate it before install. The only problem I have is one channel in event log does not work. See images below. Do you have this problem then cheking administrative events? Any ideas how to fix that? Thank you for your support! Alex
  12. @stefanRTR Back to winintegrator! Working great, some small adjustments: 1) though I uncheck More games option in Features they are back again then I remount lited image. This happens only with win7 ultimate version but it would take much time to find out what cuases this behaviuor. 2)Print and document services options for Ultimate are not saved in preset. Would be nice to add language removal detailed option to remove at least biggest language files: chinesse etc. Using winintegator on win7 ult with recapturing after install I get install.wim 1511mb. This is with netframework and homeroup left in. Removing just speech recognition with vlite drops wim size to 1200mb! Suggest you to add tjis feature too, but as far as I remember speech reoval was integrated into vista not as separate package, but as a part of core... Great and very clean removal, flalwless integration! Thank you! @all never had unmount error or any other errors. Very simple. Install win 7, disable netframework 3.51, install net framework 4 beta version, waik and winintegrator. Backup drive. Test! That simple! Pls let stefan to concentrate on removals, not on unmount problems! If You get dism exit code 5 while integratinf the drivers, check file properties and it will get obvious why winintegtator can not integrate it. Most commonly it will be blocked file as gotten from other pc. Cheers, Alex
  13. Man, A story is much longer than it seems You must create wim file from sny files first, add other files from retail and then use vlite. But beter go clean if You are newbee Alex
  14. @stefanRTR, Tested and... Integration of drivers and updates works perfectly. No errors. Features works great! See the xapture below! Removal is fine, just a few notes: a) removing all WMP12 child packages will remove the player as well. Can you make the childs removal would keep WMP? Like with Client features child packages. Because now it is necessary to keep at least one child to keep the parent. See the second capture. B) still getting the same exit code ExitCode = -2146498555 for some components like netframework, static content, wmi... Added the testing log file. Preset is working fine now! Great job! Alex WinIntegrator.2009_12_04T16_31_32.rar
  15. @stefanRTR, Tested and found thta vistaservising baseline package brekas the features on and off. This is probably because you were testing integrator on ultimate. Maybe this package should not be removed even using integrator on windows 7 home premium too, I don't know. All other packages can be safely removed, one just need to figure how... Check that preset does not show some options when reused (simpletcp tftp and others) Small fix needed here. Strange enough that removing all help packages lessen the wim only for 100mb and I still see help folder in windows folder. Is it a real removal of help? Could you add speech recognition removal and languages separated? This would make the wim significantly smaller and testing quicker. Alex
  16. Hi, MagicAndre1981! Errros mostly for IIS though I left it ubchecked... Maybe the log can help. Alex CBS.rar
  17. @stefanRTR, With this clean log file features on and off is broken... Alex WinIntegrator.2009_11_28T19_13_14.rar
  18. @stefanRTR, Full removal log and partial. Removing all drivers gives blue screen on the first boot after the begining of the installation. Partial removal of drivers works only for printer drivers. Alex Logs.rar
  19. @stefanRTR Win Integrator Version= 4:10:54 AM.602:Thread:4: Removeing Package : Microsoft-Windows-IIS-WebServer-AddOn-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 4:11:02 AM.413:Thread:4: ExitCode = -2146498555 4:11:59 AM.213:Thread:4: Removeing Package : Microsoft-Windows-NetFx3-OC-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 4:12:07 AM.128:Thread:4: ExitCode = -2146498555 4:14:30 AM.006:Thread:4: Removeing Package : Microsoft-Windows-WMI-SNMP-Provider-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 4:14:38 AM.837:Thread:4: ExitCode = -2146498555 4:15:41 AM.011:Thread:4: Removeing Package : Microsoft-Windows-MSMQ-Client-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 4:15:48 AM.780:Thread:4: ExitCode = -2146498555 3:30:36 AM.702:Thread:3: Removeing Package : Microsoft-Windows-RemoteAssistance-Package-Client~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 3:30:44 AM.792:Thread:3: ExitCode = -2146498555 3:30:44 AM.802:Thread:3: Removeing Package : Microsoft-Windows-SimpleTCP-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 3:30:53 AM.041:Thread:3: ExitCode = -2146498555 3:30:53 AM.051:Thread:3: Removeing Package : Microsoft-Windows-SNMP-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385 The same exit code is for net fx3 and media center, all drivers except printer drivers. Alex
  20. @stefanRTR check this out. Some lines are doubled, and winintegrator tries to remove the same packages twice. Done with As a rezult the enable features on and off is brken. Aleū <Remove_Packages> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-Backup-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-PremiumInboxGames-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-AU-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-CA-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-GB-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-US-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-ZA-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-NetFx3-OC-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-HomeGroup-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-PeerToPeer-Full-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-RemoteAssistance-Package-Client" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-RasRip-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-SNMP-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-SimpleTCP-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-Telnet-Client-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-Telnet-Server-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-TFTP-Client-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-RemoteAssistance-Package-Client" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-SimpleTCP-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-SNMP-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-WMI-SNMP-Provider-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-Anytime-Upgrade-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-Anytime-Upgrade-Results-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-RDC-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-SystemRestore-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-RecDisc-SDP-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-SearchEngine-Client-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-WMI-SNMP-Provider-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-TabletPC-OC-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-VirtualPC-USB-RPM-Package" Culture="neutral" /> <Package Name="Microsoft-Windows-VirtualPC-Licensing-Package" Culture="neutral" /> </Remove_Packages> <Configure_Features /> </WI_Preset>
  21. @stefanRTR Could you make a scheme or picture to ilustrate the parent - child relation between the packages we can select now? Program is just great! Very clean removal! Alex
  22. @stefanRTR Thank you for developing the new tool! Is it possible to remove packages and do not lose windows features on and off for those packages that are left as needed? @all, Please share successful package removal expreience here! Alex
  23. hi all would be nice to get some info about successful removal of the packages that do not break features turn on and off. Pls share! Alex
  24. Alex

    input string

    Gonna do that as there are no other options Thank You, Alex
  25. Alex

    input string

    Hi again, Tried capturing with imagex from WAIK for windows 7. vLite 1.2 dies not load the image. Input string error... So it seems Sony soft changes something in wim high and low part. <LOWPART>0x2B36B31F</LOWPART> </CREATIONTIME> <LASTMODIFICATIONTIME> <HIGHPART>0x01C9F3F7</HIGHPART> <LOWPART>0x2D283350</LOWPART> ...and I remember Nuhi once said that you need to adjust vlite to image to work. So this is dead end I guess. Alex

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