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  1. crap exo and crap me, i no longer have windows xp cds arround, i even discarded many original cds some time ago from work, since we had the serials of each machine, and i always burn a new updated ISO... No matter what "clean untouched" windows xp i download, it always detects the drive in the GUI part (no drivers integrated by me), and 0x0000007B later on. I was able to contact EXO, they offered to give me a custom build of XP with the proper drivers integrated (i must take a 2gb pendrive tho). Its a long trip to their office, i don't know why they can't just TELL me what driver to use :/
  2. are you sure about that ? i have a clean SP2 corporate cd (from my work) and also a cd that has "multiboot options" (live windows xp cd, windows xp recovery console) and a few more, with NO drivers, and all of them net me the 0x0000007B. Integrating wrong drivers seems to give me 0x00000019 on the text mode part of the instalation (before you can even choose where to install). Integrating NO drivers should logically give the 0x0000007B BSOD on the Text Mode part of the installation because the installer fails to see the HDD (thats what that BSOD is supposed to mean anyways). What i DON'T get, is why integrating intelINF "drivers" or "wrong" text mode drivers both give me the 0x0000007B BSOD before the GUI part of the installation starts (my only guess, is that there are no "gui drievers" available and so, the installer no longer sees the drive the Text Mode installer was able to see... I'll try to integrate your last driver to the xp sp2 corporate (totally clean) cd tho, its worth a shot.
  3. Ok, no 0x00000019 error, now loading files into sdd drive, lets hope it works... will edit in a few minutes, 71% done ------- EDIT: BUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuu 0x0000007B when the GUI part of the installation tries to run... I wonder if there could be aditional "non-textmode" drivers i must use back to lubuntu, i think
  4. Well, that one, i haven't tried for the record: 1) BIOS has NO settings for the "sata" port (i guess it auto runs in AHCI mode, i would have no problems otherwise ) 2) Netbook has just 1(one) "sata" port 3) i say "sata" like that, because its some "custom" sata port, it has just 7 pins (2 rows of 4 pins, with one cut out). The intel value ssd, is ultra tiny, it has like.. 2 or 4 flash chips, and measures les than 6x10 centimeters 4) i always integrated drivers as textmode once i found the guide, and then this thread 5) i always did that, and will repeat with this last driver you provided hope it works. if not, lubuntu installed just fine, its no windows, but... its better than windows XP with a locked administrator pasword
  5. Hi Fernando Are you the same Fernando who had moded driver packs for the nforce2 long time ago? If so, long time no see XD (i know you from another forum tho, nforceHQ or somethign like that i think ) On to more importan matters: NETBOOK: Exomate x912 Intel ICH7M/MDH atom n270 1gb ddr2 Intel Value SSD 2gb (which, to my knowledge, can't be connected to ANYTHING but this fraking netbook) Problem/s: I had to wipe the ssd of this machine. It belongs to one of my mother's friends, it was used for her daughters school, it had BIOS and Windows administrator paswords, and the school refused to reveal them (or so they say, weird, if you ask me, cause it was bought by them and later handled to the school...) I can't, for the life of me, install windows XP on it again. If i integrate NO driver, i get the 0x0000007B BSOD early on the text mode part of the installation. I then tried integrating several versions of the intelINF, and the text mode part went ok, i was able to select the valueSSD drive, format and copy files to it, but after the reboot, when the netbook loads the WINDOWS XP boot screen for the first time, before the graphical instalation begins, again the 0x0000007B BSOD. I then found a guide telling me to only integrate the textmode driver for MY hardware, and i did so, with the one provided on that guide. (it was older than what is now posted here). When i did it, i got an error that was posted here (and by googling it, i got here ) I then downloaded as many intel texmode drivers as i could find, and tired a few from this thread. So far, i either keep getting the 0x0000007B BSOD when windows tries to load the GUI part of the installation, or the BSOD i quoted. I have tried so far (when i don't mention the BSOD, its the 0x0000007B one) AHCI_v7.0.0.1020_for_ICH8 -> 0x00000019 BSOD f6flpy3288 ( f6flpy96x86 ( -> 0x00000019 BSOD 32bit_Intel_textmode_driver_v8.9.0.1023_mod_by_Fernando 32bit Intel RST AHCI & RAID driver v10.1.0.1008 WHQL 32bit Intel RST AHCI & RAID driver v10.1.0.1008 mod by Fernando Each time starting with a fresh CD. Im kinda lost by now, thinking about instaling lubuntu on it, and asking for forgiveness... I also tried to install on a 16gb sd on mine, cause the netbook has a card reader, but then windows wont boot into the GUI part of the installation, complaining about a problem with hal.dll, and no boot.ini fidling fixed that either I played with "fixboot" and "fixmbr" from the recovery console also. Whatsmore, Exo is a local brand, and it offress NO support, no downloads, no nothing... ----------- Edit: the netbook has NO cd reader, i use an external USB dvdrw
  6. i may be dumb or something, but i cant find the "download link" anywhere on that blog
  7. maybe i wasnt THAT clear cause english isnt my first language, but i never said this or that .ini SHOULD work. you assumed that what i meant by my last sentence, was that from those 3 .ini, the last one (as in the OLDEST one), should be from the last time i used nlite [thats what i tried to said by last work, since i work with pcs, i tend to use that word even when i am not working ]. This last attempt has a 100% working network (i was forced to install it on my computer when my 320gb hdd decided to die yesterday, but then it wasnt the hdd, it was the sata cable, then the motherboard, and now every component came back to life, but i lost my vista and xp installations in the proces ). From the other 2 settings.ini, one, is the conflict one. The other i DONT know why its there. i Took all 3 form the folder where nlite saves them each time you use them, they are timestamped by windows, and i know wich one should be the correct one by date, but when i made my girldfriends nlited windows, i used nlite only once, and there are 2 .ini corresponding to that date
  8. Hi Hi, i used nlite, windows xp sp3 (integrated sp3 with nlite). this is my .ini I dont know why my dhcp wont work, since i kept that in compatibility, and why the computer is unable to see other pcs from the network, and is not visible to them. other than that, it works great, and since it will move to my girlfriend's house where its the only pc, i wont fix this particular install, but i dont want this to happen when i reinstall my brothers windows. (i dont care about dhcp since i manually input the ip here at home, but i did wanted my girlfriend to have an easier time configuring her network in case she needed to). EDIT: ok, i deleted the ini from my work folder since i made another windows wich i decided NOT to install since i didnt need to fix the problem now, and it was working so fast so this are the las 3 .ini from the preset folder in nlites installation folder. the last one SHOULD be from my last work, so its not the correct one, one of the other 2 must be, since they both correspond to the day i made it (i have no idea why there are 2, since i remember doing only 1) inis.rar
  9. ok, didnt work, cant install printers on that windows with this method.
  10. ill give it a shot tomorow. hope it works (ill have to manually plug the printer, since going to the printers and faxes page, offers only to add cameras or similar, no printers). thx 4 now
  11. I made a super slim windows xp for my girldfirends pc which is old, and has little space available, and removed a lot of stuff, printer support being one, cause her printer is broken and mine is much better. now, she installed MGI photo suit (she had a version for windows 98 that she liked for editing/modifing digital photos), and it ASKs for a printer to be installed for MANY functions.... so, reinstall or re add the printer support any help will save me a lot of work
  12. listo, fixed i was missing some of the reg keys mentioned in that thread (i needed the ones for latin america and not that country, but i was able to fi x it) thx, and solved.
  13. So, i always remove what i dont need each time i want to do a fresh windows install, but this time i had to do 3 intalls, my pc uses an english KB, my girlfirend's pc has a spanish one, and my family has a latin american one.... i forgot the latin american one, and now that windows is installed, i would like to know how to add the layout that i removed with nlite i got the kbdla.dll from the unmodified windows cd, but putting it in the system32 folder alone does nothing, i cant register it (i installed an addon that adds re/un register to the right click, it works for other dlls, but not for this one), and i dont know what to do (i would like to avoid having to recreate the windows cd and reinstall if posible). i also played with the keyboard layout entry en the registry with no succes (i even exported one form a windows with the correct layoout selected, but loading it on my families pc and rebooting just selects an english KB). any help will be appreciated.

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