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nLite 1.2.1 Final - Finish him!


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Kreesto, use this file


in hotfixes and update packs as you said :)

Thanks Bledd! I'll give it a try. :thumbup

Just an update -- I downloaded the file from MajorGeeks and it was corrupted. Figuring that this was probably just a mirror of the MS download, I went ahead and downloaded IE7 directly from MS. You know what? It integrated perfectly!!!!

Hat's off to nuhi, he's done an OUTSTANDING job!


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sonu27, there are and will be more addons to install wmp11, no need for me to redo it. IE7 was different, needs full nLite access to things.

So does that mean you can already integrate IE7 and WMP11 into WinXP SP2 without problems?

I found the WMP11 Beta 2 on your site but not the final version. But can nLite integrate the one downloaded from the MS site?

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that wmp11 beta 2 addon is mine....and still didnt update it

WMP11 Final Addon is out now .....check my sig

and to answer your question no u cant integrate the installer from m$ with nlite......

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You can integrate WMP 11 Final manually if you wish, after extracting the contents of wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe. You would do this by:

wmp11.exe /integrate:C:\XPCD

where C:\XPCD is the path to your installation source

I didn't test to see if nLite can integrate it, but I know that with its "remove duplicate files" option, it should be able to clean it up...

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Hi guys..

I've used nLite for about 3 different stripped down installs... It's great! I completely fell in love with your tool, nuhi!

Now, I was about to start customizing my 4th CD, and I wanna try the latest 1.2.1. Now, tell me, am I stupid? I can't find the 1.2.1 download link! Only the RC link.

Would some of you provide me the 1.2.1 link?


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Thanks yet again Nuhi!

All seems to work fine here - my two previous problems are gone. I can remove mouse cursors again and I'm back to not having to add standard modem over bluetooth link drivers now.

I do get this in setuperr.log:


Setup failed to enumerate all component packages.

Software which depends on this package may not function properly. Contact your system administrator.


That's the full log, rather vauge.....anyone have any idea what its referencing?


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Can someone explain to me how to get that boolean-string error, whatever I tried it's ok.

At least I managed to find the load old preset bug.

@Outcast, does IE allows installing into 2k3 sp2 beta manually?

Yes it does.

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