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  1. Hi, Is there any tool or a tutorial that helps to integrate Office 2010 hotfixes on his source? What is the easiest way to download Office 2010 hotfixes? Thanks
  2. Hi, Does Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 Slipstreamer work on Office 2010? Thanks
  3. I only used the Features Removal tab. Services I removed: BitLocker Drive Encryption Service Disk Defragmenter Offline Files Parental Controls Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support Program Compatibility Assistant Service Protected Storage Remove Access Auto Connection Manager Remove Access Connection Manager Remote Desktop Configuration Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector Remote Registry Windows Backup Windows Biometric Service Windows Card Space Windows Defender Windows Error Reporting
  4. Just wondering witch component I removed is messing around my MSN!
  5. The settings that I'm using on rt seven lite are messing up with my windows live messenger. I've tested it in different PCs, with different internet networks and software (and no AV/Firewall) and my MSN cant login. Using this settings on 1.0.7 (In attachment). Can you please check what I shouldn't remove so I can use MSN?
  6. [Tool] Windows Live Messenger Creator

    When build 13 was released?
  7. [Tool] Windows Live Messenger Creator

    Nice Work! Many Thanks!
  8. You CAN integrate IE8 with vLite!

    I think its only possible to integrate the english IE8. vLite cant integrate the language pack for IE8.
  9. Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0

    Is there any mirror to this new release? I'm downloading it @ 1kb\s
  10. Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0

    Good Night I was installing Nero 8 Lite build (The micro one) and in the first boot of the program it asked me again my serial key after I already typed it on the installation setup. It was on a fresh-formatted Windows Vista x64 PC. Is this normal?
  11. Happy holidays!

    happy holidays to nuhi and other users
  12. Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0

    I just went to the site and still nothing :/ I hope the serial thing is fixed on this new realease.
  13. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    Hi, Is there any way to make the desktop the default folder for the Sfx extraction? Ty