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  1. bledd

    Custom 7-Zip

    They don't follow the XP style at all I prefer mine http://bleddyn.co.uk/7zip/icons/32bit/ http://bleddyn.co.uk/7zip/icons/64bit/ Download the dll you want and drop it in the 7z application dir. Not sure what XPize uses
  2. Hi Do you have a link to the compressed folder.ico that I can have please, I wish to update my 7zip filetype icons Nevermind, found it in the system dll
  3. Save the heartache and just backup your docs, then format
  4. bledd

    Resourcer 0.9

    Not sure if you missed my post because Kels posted straight after me..
  5. bledd

    Resourcer 0.9

    Hi W3bbo, Really appreciate all the time and effort you've put into this. I have one slight issue with the commandline usage. I have the file 7z.dll (the main 7zip dll file) When you open it in the GUI, you see the following There seems to be no way to choose the "0" as the resource to update, when you use commandline, it just sees it as 0 I've tried the command Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:""0"" -lang:1033 -file:"7z.ico" but it still see's it as 0 and not "0" It all works fine in the GUI, without any issues. Also, there doesn't seem to be a commandline option for doing the 'iconClearOriginal' True function that the GUI can do. Is it possible to add this option please. edit, I've just read this http://anolis.codeplex.com/Thread/View.aspx?ThreadId=57400 So it appears you are aware of the "0" issue, the iconClearOriginal function would be awesome
  6. just format.. this may be bad though.. 6X 5/10/2009 8:06:14 p.m. atapi: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort4.
  7. because of this, I usually get 'notepad2' instead, but it's annoying when jumping on another machine to edit a bat file etc
  8. bledd

    Direct Burn Hangs

    I always use nlite to create the image, then IMGBURN to burn it
  9. one other addition windows needs.. in notepad, if you hold CTRL + tap backspace, it should delete the whole word. it does nothing :/
  10. It's not a major bug at all, just an annoyance. When using the Snipping Tool, it saves extensions in UPPERCASE for some daft reason :/
  11. bledd

    Resourcer 0.8.8

    quick bump, any update on this mate?
  12. sometimes, installing an SP onto a heavily tweaked install can cause problems. hence why some people refuse to budge from them. installing with a fresh install and upgrading to SP3 (or even better, using an XPSP3 disc to install) will be painless. don't believe the hype
  13. bledd

    Resourcer 0.8.8

    ===== Post Nº1 ===== Hi mate, I'm yet to test the commandline usage of this and was about to start using it. Can you drop a hint of what I need to use? ===== Post Nº2 ===== Ok, this works.. Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:1 -lang:1033 -file:"14-1-1033.ico" Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:2 -lang:1033 -file:"14-2-1033.ico" Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:3 -lang:1033 -file:"14-3-1033.ico" Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:7 -lang:1033 -file:"14-7-1033.ico" Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:8 -lang:1033 -file:"14-8-1033.ico" Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:9 -lang:1033 -file:"14-9-1033.ico" Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:13 -lang:1033 -file:"14-13-1033.ico" Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:14 -lang:1033 -file:"14-14-1033.ico" but I cannot get the "0" resource (the first one in the file) to update using commandline. also, this 'upd' command is different to the 'replace' one in the app. the upd command adds my icons alongside the current ones, if you use the Replace manually within the program, it removes the current ones whilst it's doing it. shall I host the files so you can see what i mean.. edit1, doing a 'del' then an 'add' command gives the same results as the manual replace option, so this is a workaround for now w3bbo, i've made an archive file containing the files I'm working with, and a quick readme.. http://bleddyn.co.uk/forums/msfn/w3bbo%20files.7z
  14. guys, find me the Vista compressed folder icon in black and yellow (and whatever other colour), needs to have 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 icon sizes and I'll make the icons for them
  15. imo, using W7 or even Vista Sp2 with vlite now is suicide, I won't be using it again until nuhi updates it
  16. nuhi has said that he is currently too busy to work on his programs who knows, one day he may well return
  17. i can test in a VM if you want mate
  18. bledd

    vLite is dead?

    fully agree with Kel, remember guys, nuhi worked solidly on nlite then vlite basically without a break now he has a real job. if everyone donated, then maybe he could just sit at home, churning out new versions without needing to work ms seem to be edging towards more component removal, which could negate the need for a 'xlite' program
  19. looking good the main benefit of superbar is the multiple previews for each window, with stackable windows
  20. what type of files are they? if they are compressible files (like word documents, databases, excel) etc.. then making a 7zip archive containing the files would greatly reduce the size of the backup needed
  21. very neat theme there, will try it out
  22. always a clean install upgrades are ugly
  23. Download and install instructions Firstly, install 7zip 4.65 from here ^reinstall 7zip if you've used my old reg entry pack.. 32bit users 64bit users Navigate to the 'black' or 'normal' folder, save the dll to your X:\Program Files\7-zip directory, replacing the current file that sits in there -close 7zip before doing this if it is open. Open 7zip, click Tools, Options, select all, click ok. (untick any filetypes that you don't want 7zip to be the default app for) Restart PC for icons to be rebuilt. -------------------------------------------------- info.. After waiting a few years for a 64bit free resource editor, W3bbo from msfn has made one, it's still in beta, but fully functional for the basic use I need from it. Big thanks to W3bbo, without him, this wouldn't be possible. -------------------------------------------------- Here is what they look like, I use the black ones in Vista and the normal ones in XP. Each icon has a 48x , 32x and 16x icon, for different folder views These are the filetypes that I've changed them for. http://bleddyn.co.uk/7zip/icons/7zNormal64.jpg http://bleddyn.co.uk/7zip/icons/7zBlack64.jpg If anyone wants other icons changed too, let me know. I've never seen any of the others in use tbh I'll have a look now to try and find the default Vista folder icon, so I can make a third set for that too. When official 7zip updates are released, I'll update the dlls, and the file version number that sits in the same dir. So you can quickly tell if I've released a new version.
  24. shortly i'll be releasing an updated version. all you'll need to download is 7z.dll and replace your current one with it, no need to patch etc. works for both 32bit and 64bit, because i've directly edited both dlls
  25. bledd

    Resourcer 0.8 Beta

    W3bbo, you could release one without an uninstaller, and put a note with it. Suggest for people to test it virtualbox or something

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