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Editing WINNTBBU.DLL For Dummies

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Thanx for the Tutorial.

I followed it (and subsequent posts) to get a setup screen matching the default theme following installation (see Shot)

But I cannot get the changing text paragraphs to show my text. I have edited the text strings in both winntbbu.dll and winntbba.dll, I have tried all combinations of compressed and not. But still I get the original Microsoft blurb. Is this text hidden somewhere else as well?

info; Booting into Virtual PC from ISO image

Further Info; on testing, the edited text works fine in a setup from inside windows but not when booting from CD

5 Rebuilds later - It's working. However, I havn't changed the file just rebuilt the ISO. LOL


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is there somewhere to find some pre-modded winntbbu.dll files?

I can host them on my web server if anyone is worried about bandwidth or space issues (unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth)

if you wan't your setup screen hosted, Private Message me with a valid download link for it, then I can upload it

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yeah most of the links are bad, i've already downloaded the three or so from there that the links actually worked :)

i can host this sort of stuff so the links never go bad that would be nice

also, i've done some searching but couldn't find any downloadable message in a bottle files (msgina.dll) i found some links but they were bad too :rolleyes:

* I'm not very artistic i could make them myself but they would look crap

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Why can't I find the file syssetup.dll in my i386 folder???

It's in my normal Windows folder, but not in the special created unattended install one, so I can't even try anf get rid of the "registering components" etc. nonsense... :)


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OK. my fault, I hadn't set the window to show all file types...

So how do I convert the _dl file into a dll file to edit in resource hacker?

I had the same prob...........

I just used the one in my c:windows\system32 folder, made my changes, used makecab syssetup.dll, and put the new "syssetup.dl_" into the i386 folder.

It actuly works.

This is a GREAT guide for us dummies :)

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to get a file from .dl_ or any .**_


expand file.dl_ file.dll

at a command prompt


thx alot Alanoll. :)

this is why i love this forum,. i'm learning every time i'm "in here" :rolleyes:

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  • 1 month later...

I have a question - if I delete some bmps from the DLL (the logos for example) will this interfier with the installation? Will I have a blank space where the lgoo is has to be?

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