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Editing WINNTBBU.DLL For Dummies

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Can anyone confirm that the nvidia cards can get high resolution at setup????

specifically a geforce 3

If so tell me the drivers used.... or any method that worked before actually getting it to run at high resolution.

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Hmm i'm wondering with 1024x768 if that is the resolution you start with right after the reboot of txtsetup...... OK finally got it to install the 40.31 drivers because the new 45.25 or whatever was giving me problems. It definitely installed the drivers because I booted up with them. But it is still a 800x600 setup screen..

I dont understand how this could be causing me to only run 800x600 because the setup only installs the drivers after it is in the setup. Let me try installing a pre made one maybe mine just sucks??

check my winnt.sif:

[Data]    AutoPartition=0














    OEMSkipWelcome = 1






















    DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes

    DefaultThemesOff = Yes


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:) DAMNIT :rolleyes:

Ok, first things first, this is a damned amazing thing. This was definitely the type of customization that I was looking for. I followed your guide and everything is fine....EXCEPT that when I save my file as a 256 color bitmap, the colors get all "pasty." Now, I understand that I'm going from a higher to lower color count and that's why. So my question is to you guys...how the hell are you guys making those nice high-res install pics? I'm using Photoshop 7.0 and just take my files and save it as a 256 color bmp. I've also used the built in windows paint and same thing...What photo editing programs are you guys using and most importantly....I have not downloaded any of your winntbbu files, so I haven't seen if they are really nice looking, but in the screenshots they look very nice, high res, and clean cut. Am I doing something wrong???

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I use photoshop 7 to make mine aswell.

The way i drop the colour resolution on my pictures, is to open/make your picture then select image --> mode --> index colour.

Just have a fiddle with the options there, and make sure its 256 colours.

Hope it helps! :)

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Alright, I'm currently having probs with my photoshop right now. Every time I go and try to open it, I get a "system error" from photoshop, not windows and it will not let me get into it...time for a...do I dare say it? *FORMAT* After I format and set everything back up, I will try that. Thank you bored, and thank you everyone for all the time you've spent on this!

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