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  1. no IE7...dunno what the problem is...im sure its on my side, but dunno whats causing the problem
  2. Warning: Page has Expired The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you. To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button.
  3. could you check the link...everytime I goto download the silent one, I get redirected to a "page not found"
  4. roguespear, have you tried running install.exe instead of directly running the msi? with running install.exe with the switches, you dont need startx or runhiddenconsole...just a thought
  5. orrrr, you can do /q:a /c:"msiexec /i netfx.msi /qn"
  6. everyone has iexpress...open run dialog and type iexpress...it comes with internet explorer.
  7. or you can extract the files from dotnetfx, and repackage using iexpress...I got mine 10K smaller than the original.
  8. so...6.0.1 being worked on or did they really change things?
  9. LMAO!!! The avatar just looked like the meanest thing on the site, so I picked it (kinda goes with my name, plus Im an a** anyways)...As for the sig, its from a song called Manikin by Twiztid...pretty tight song if you ask me. But it is pretty true.
  10. megaupload seems to be slower than rapidshare when downloading...at least in all my tests with it it has always been really slow.
  11. personally, id like to see an irc channel setup for msfn...but thats just me
  12. while this is cool, not really new news...program hasnt been updated since 6/10/2004
  13. Zxian, are you slipstreaming AFTER you make an admin install? My admin install is approx 600mb (dont remember the real size) and slipping doesnt really change the size...i can only think that youre doing something wrong.
  14. according to the write up - enforcecache will locally cache the files AND set desktop cleanup wizard to never clean the location. Also, when using office update, it looks at what updates have been installed according to the msi...using office shrinker, I no longer have the french spelling and thesaurus, but office update said its installed...so that leads me to believe it does a check on the msi and not actually what files are installed...(it could just be a reg thing but that is still done through in my case pro11.msi)
  15. I believe youre gonna have to start with the full source and reshrink...I just assumed it wouldnt work from an already shrunk source...but now we have proof.
  16. a couple of things I noticed while trolling the microsoft office admin site...there is a new setup.exe for admin installs that changes the localsource settings...Also...read the whole article and it should be noted that sp2 DOES NOT include the latest Outlook Junk Email Update...you must add this to your slipstream process. Im actually going back to the CD I bought of Office 2003 and creating an admin install point and then slipping the updates (meaning it wont have SP1 on it already)
  17. yea, cuz youre not installing in proper order...go from lowest KB number to largest...I cant promise thats what it is, but more han likely.
  18. whew...just wondering...Also noticed this is like 1mb bigger...but i figure thats just the way things go with new versions lol...but with 5.0 and qt7 i made a single installer of about 19mb...lets see how big this new one will be.
  19. in the itunes pack, what is file.idt? and what about the cvs folder...that wasnt in the last version?
  20. Driving a car from the back seat is unworkable also. Half-hearted attempts mean little. I do not call the command interpreter from the registry to run it. Find Target opens explorer to select the file that the shortcut points to. So what is the difference between the RegTweak and the one in shortcut tab in properties? It does require displaying to only *.lnk files which the RegTweak needs to be improved upon. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the added portion of the command window was an extra attempt on my part to see if it worked...I really wish it did, but it does not...using the find target in props works fine...just this reg tweak does not. I copied your code directly into a reg entry, merged it, right click on a lnk file, selected find target and it takes me to where the lnk file is (which is All Users Desktop), whereas find target in props takes me to C:\ and highlights the folder.
  21. hmmm, doesnt work for me...in using it from cmd window, this is just used to select the file in a explorer window
  22. on second thought, another thing you could try is putting that config.txt (i think thats the name) in the same dir as setupx.exe and see if that works, if not, rename config to config.ini...in setupx.exe it says something about ini file being deleted.

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