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Editing WINNTBBU.DLL For Dummies

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Just FYI, I didn't read anyone else post this so here goes. I used our custom background for work on my preinstall


Then I changed it to a 24-bit BMP (not 256, 24-bit). And edited the winntbbu.dll file. Which, btw, I had no compressed version of that file in my i386 directory. Only the expanded version, which is what I used. Then loaded it into my VirtualPC and this is how it turned out (mind you, it's a work in progress still):


So you're not limited to 256 colors on the bmp images. Hope this helps someone else.


Oops, first image was a little too big at 1024x768. Reduced to 640x480

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jito - just remember that if youre video card isnt found by windows (ie, when youre done installing windows, and you cant go higher than 800x600), then windows will not display your winntbbu image...this is why people say to convert it to 640x480 256 colors, so that it will work no matter what.

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i was wondering, inside the WINNTBBU.DLL file, under strings, i wanted to keep all the words on the left hand side where it says Collecting information, Dynamic Update, Preparing installation, installing, and finalizing. but how do i del where it says




32, "Windows |Update |provides |you |with |critical |software |updates |and |hardware |support |files |for |Windows® |XP. |And |Setup |gives |you |the |opportunity |to |ensure |that |you |have |the |latest |software |to |install |Windows |quickly |and |successfully.\r\n\r\nFor |corporate |customers, |there |have |been |great |improvements |to |the |system |preparation |tool |as |well |as |unattended |setups."

33, "Your |computer |will |be |faster |and |more |reliable"

34, "Windows® |XP |Professional |not |only |starts |faster |than |any |previous |version |of |Windows, |but |it |also |runs |your |programs |more |quickly |and |reliably |than |ever. |If |a |program |becomes |unstable, |you |can |close |it |without |having |to |shut |down |Windows |or |lose |any |of |your |work."

35, "Get |support |for |the |latest |hardware |and |software"

36, "Windows® |XP |Professional |supports |a |large |number |of |programs |and |has |built-in |support |for |the |latest |hardware, |including |DirectX® |9 |for |great |multimedia |support.\r\n\r\nWhen |you |insert |a |floppy |disk, |ZIP® |disk, |CD, |or |memory |card |from |your |digital |camera, |Windows |XP |identifies |the |content |(such |as |pictures, |music, |or |video), |and |automatically |starts |the |appropriate |program. |Windows |XP |Professional |also |supports |DVD-RAM |drives."

37, "Easily |move |documents |and |personal |settings |to |a |new |computer"

38, "If |you’ve |had |a |computer |for |a |while, |you’ve |probably |gotten |it |set |up |the |way |you |like. |Files |are |organized |a |certain |way, |you |have |bookmarked |a |long |list |of |favorite |Web |sites, |and |you’ve |customized |your |desktop |just |the |way |you |want |it.\r\n\r\nThose |personal |settings |won’t |be |wiped |out |when |you |buy |a |new |computer |with |Windows® |XP. |With |the |Files |and |Settings |Transfer |Wizard, |it's |simple |to |move |your |files |and |settings |from |one |computer |to |another.\r\n\r\nThe |wizard |is |located |in |the |System |Tools |folder. |For |a |command-line |version |that |system |administrators |can |use |on |multiple |computers |at |once, |try |the |User |State |Migration |Tool |(USMT) |in |the |ValueAdd |folder."

39, "Surfing |the |Internet: |safe, |fast, |and |flexible"

40, "Windows® |XP |includes |the |most |secure |version |of |Internet |Explorer |to |date. |Many |new |features |help |enhance |the |security |and |privacy |of |information |that |you |send |and |receive |over |the |Internet, |while |simplifying |the |daily |tasks |that |you |perform. |New |innovative |browser |capabilities--|such |as |a |pop-up |blocker, |the |ability |to |control |plug-ins, |and |more--|let |you |experience |the |Web |exactly |the |way |that |you |want."

41, "Explore |your |creative |side |with |photos |and |videos"

42, "Windows® |XP |enhances |your |ability |to |share |photos |and |videos |with |your |friends |and |family. |You |can |easily |download |pictures |from |your |digital |camera |into |the |My |Pictures |folder.\r\n\r\nThe |improved |My |Pictures |folder |shows |thumbnail |views |of |your |pictures, |so |it’s |easy |to |find |the |ones |you |want. |And |the |tasks |in |the |My |Pictures |folder |help |you |publish |your |favorite |pictures |to |the |Web |or |send |them |through |e-mail |to |quickly |share |with |friends |and |family. |You |can |even |use |the |Photo |Printing |Wizard |to |easily |print |photos |in |any |size |and |quantity."

43, "Music |and |entertainment |just |got |better"

44, "Windows® |XP |has |been |designed |from |the |ground |up |to |be |the |best |operating |system |for |digital |music |and |entertainment. |Now |it |is |easier |than |ever |for |you |to |find, |organize, |and |play |back |your |music |and |movies, |listen |to |Internet |radio, |and |even |transfer |files |to |your |portable |devices.\r\n\r\nWindows |Media™ |Player |delivers |new |Windows |XP |features |such |as |faster |audio |CD |burning, |DVD |playback |(when |configured |with |a |supported |third |party |DVD |decoder), |and |full-screen |video |controls. |The |new |My |Music |folder |makes |it |fast |and |fun |to |organize |your |Windows |Media |Audio |and |existing |MP3 |music |collections."

45, "Work |anytime, |anywhere"

46, "Windows® |XP |Professional |features |great |improvements |for |the |mobile |professional. |Windows |XP |enables |you |to |connect |to |your |desktop |from |almost |anywhere.\r\n\r\nExceptional |power |management |features |have |increased |battery |life |so |that |you |can |work |longer, |and |Remote |Desktop |allows |you |to |access |your |programs |and |data |from |another |computer |connected |to |your |corporate |network."

47, "Windows® |XP |is |great |for |notebook |computers"


etc...? what i tried was right click on the string, press edit resource, the del what i didnt want, it still shows on my next installation screen.

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Has anyone been able to find the following text (Can't find it in SYSSETUP.DLL or WINNTBBU.DLL):

"building file list"

"performing configuration"

"completing installation..."


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ive been looking for it too...hell Im even thinking about paying someone to find it LOL....i cant find that or the installing network string...its gotta be something dealing with the files setup loads to install those things...just gotta figure out what file its calling...it could be winnt32.exe for the copying files and stuff, but I dunno...might wanna look at txtsetup.sif/layout.inf/dosnet.inf cause I think thats where it "builds file list" from

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  • 1 month later...

for those of you wanting to change building file list, formatting and all that other crap text open up usetup.exe in i386 folder, search the bottom, that is where nearly all the text is for it.

what i do is open it up and do a search for the text i want to change(not got round to doing it yet)

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here is a little taste of it

10017,  	"Examining disk configuration...%0"
10018,   "ENTER=Select%0"
10019,   "R=Remove Files%0"
10020,   "Removing:%0"
10021,   "Updating %1...%0"
10022,   "Searching for versions of Microsoft Windows...%0"
10023,   "N=Different Folder%0"
10024,   "Examining %1...%0"
10025,   "ESC=Different Folder%0"
10026,   "Please wait...%0"
10027,   "S=Skip Detection%0"
10028,   "Loading device driver (%1)...%0"
10029,   "S=Specify Additional Device%0"
10030,   "Creating folder %1...%0"
10031,   "ENTER=Retry%0"
10032,   "ESC=Skip File%0"
10033,   "Creating list of files to be copied...%0"
10034,   "Copying:%0"
10035,   "Loading information file %1...%0"
10036,   "Loading default configuration...%0"
10037,   "Saving configuration...%0"
10038,   "Initializing configuration...%0"
10039,   "Setting startup configuration...%0"
10040,   "Updating startup environment...%0"
10041,   "Restarting computer...%0"
10042,   "Processing information file...%0"
10043,   "Initializing SCSI startup configuration...%0"
10044,   "Preparing to upgrade font file %1...%0"
10045,   "Examining configuration...%0"
10047,   "I=Initialize Disk%0"

BE WARNED: i have not tested it, i am still trying to move my progress bar to the bottom of the screen

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  • 2 weeks later...

ive gone thru all this 14 pages browsing for a solution to my problembut cant find any

hi !!

u..now i am a novice and i am dealing with dll s for the first time ... i have made the winntbbu.dll and viewed it in jcarle view its looking good. i have also conveerted into winntbbu.dl_ because i noticed the increase in kb in the file (dl_) when i cabbed the new one.

Problem :: how do i put it in the i386 folder on the windows xpcd

I got a first edition windows xp pro cd

I tried openig the cd in windows explorer going to the i386 folder removing read only attributes and copying the files to that folder.. it say its replaced..but when i do a search in that folder i cant find that file(winntbbu.ddl or winntbbu.dl_ )

Also soon as i remove read only attributein the windows xp cd i386 folder and check back again the read only attribute ia already enabled again??

From what i read here that is what i gathered that we can make a windows personalised xp install cd.. so wher i am going wrong.. Help please..

ps:: also checked i386 folder there is only some winntbba and another winntbbu.dll

but then i have tried replacing a those winnt files a couple of times!! so maybe original files have been changed

Also does the customised image comes up soon as the windows xp screen is started..beacuse all i can see is the original blue one??


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