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  1. Vista update KB951847

    I honestly thought I used vlite to slipstream SP2 into Vista... It was ages ago I did it, but apparently it's possible to do it not using vlite: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7222 http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/230249-sliptream-vista-sp2.html Not sure why this thread has been moved to the vlite forum though, it's not all about vlite but how to integrate .net into Vista! I know what you mean about integrating patches that are released since the service pack, but if you try and do that in vlite, sometimes the patches fail to install. It was the same with nlite. Whenever I rebuild my XP disk, I do it from a clean source. That only takes around 20 mins or so to do though. Creating a new build in vlite takes much much longer, but, as I say, if you try and integrate a couple or so patches, vlite fails to install them. Still not sure how to integrate .net 4 into Vista having a further read around. I can't seem to find a way to download an msu or cab file. I am still looking. I'll report back if and when I get it sorted. Thanks again for your help. Oh, and great find with the "back and restore activation" app, that could be really handy when I am rebuilding stuff offline.
  2. Vista update KB951847

    I used vlite (I think - it was a while ago). I haven't had any problems so far. The other day I rebuilt a laptop for a lady whose hdd had died. It just so happened that she had tried to re-install Vista herself and when she gave me the laptop to repair she had left her Vista DVD in the drive, so I thought I'd use that. What a mistake that was. Installed Vista. Downloaded updates. Rebooted. Downloaded more updates. Rebooted. Did this a few times. Downloaded and installed SP1. Rebooted. Downloaded and installed more updates and rebooted. Downloaded and installed SP2. Rebooted. Installed 151 updates since SP2 was released. Unbelievable. Because most of the machines are Vista I just had to do a new Vista disk with everything slipstreamed. Interesting point about .net 4 though, I thought that was separate to .net 3.5? I thought it was .net 1.1, .net 3.5 and then .net 4? Or is that wrong? Thanks for the links to the other sites, I'll give a couple of them a go.
  3. Vista update KB951847

    What a nightmare I'm having with this! I'm a voluntary member of a charity where we rebuild and repair PC's and laptops for disabled people. Up until recently the machines we had in for repair or rebuilds were XP. I wipe them, stick in my XP CD with all the latest patches, activate online with the key on the PC or laptop and everything worked wonderfully. Now most of the machines we get in are Vista. Sometimes the updates take around 6 hours to download and install, so I thought I'd have a go at building a Vista DVD with all the service pack and patches integrated. All went well with SP1 and SP2, and another 151 patches since SP2. Now when I visit Windows Update it asks to install KB951847, which is where the fun starts. I've downloaded various versions, extracted them, not extracted them, all kinds of things and it still doesn't seem to be working. If I extract the full version of 951847 I get two msu files (I think). I thought I'd just use vlite to integrate them, but no. So my question is what am I doing wrong? Is there not a cab file or something for an AIO fully up to date .net pack for Vista x86? How can I get the updates for .net 3.5 slipstreamed into Vista? I've searched for ages around the internet and I'm just going round and around in circles. Help! Please!
  4. Keys Register for Firefox

    Do you mean you'd like a reg hack to make Firefox the default browser? I want one too, but I don't think it's that easy unfortunately. Unless someone here knows a way...
  5. Why not just do a "firefox setup" -ms ? To create a silent install of Firefox, do I have to decompress the file "firefox setup"? If so, why? What's the point of decompressing it then compressing it again with 7z???
  6. I believe that what "Pistolero" wrote was clear, but I'll rewrite it: - Install Firefox - Install extensions - Configure Firefox and extensions as you wish - Close all open instances of Firefox - Copy the Mozilla directory from %AppData% to another folder; this backup contains all your settings, et cetera which you can restore after install - Create a silent installer of Firefox - Once the silent installer finishes installing Firefox, have it replace your Mozilla directory from %AppData% with the one you backupped Hope this helped. So what's the best way to "create a silent installer of Firefox"?
  7. Hi, I know that you can use cmdow to switch to specific windows, but how can I use it to switch to the window that was running just before the new window opened? If that's a bit confusing, I will try and be a bit more clear. Here's the scenario. A PC is running three apps at the same time. A user is using one of them, when a scheduled tasks runs a batch file to check if something is running. If it's not running it starts it, if it is, it leaves it alone. Problem is, the batch file steals the focus from what the user was doing. How can I tell cmdow to return the focus to the app that the user was using? I imagine you have to get cmdow to save the ACTive window, then run the batch file, then REStore the old active window. Problem is I have no idea how to do it. Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance, Gray
  8. [Release] NOD32 2.51.28

    Sorry to bring an old topic back to life, but I currently install NOD32 with AutoIT with no problems, but can anyone tell me how to include the virus image update files etc? I've tried copying over my UPDFILES dir but it looks like I have to do something else...
  9. Window Focus

    Hmmm... But wouldn't cmdow then have the focus?
  10. Window Focus

    Unfortunately not - I know nothing about vbscript. I just about managed doing the batch file, and that's very basic indeed! Batch files and the like are really not my area of expertise, hence my posting in this forum.
  11. Window Focus

    Hi, I need to run a batch file periodically, but I don't want the batch file to steal the focus. Is it possible in NT to either run something purely in the background that doesn't steal the current windows focus, or is there a way to run a batch file that steals the focus, and then return the focus to where it was before? Cheers, Gray
  12. Winamp 5.5

    Thanks - I found Shark's site a couple of days back and I'm using that version. It's not configurable though, but it's the best I could find. I think it's crazy that Nullsoft don't release a decent, fully-configurable and silenty installable version of Winamp, especially with the amount of users it has, but there you go.
  13. Winamp 5.5

    That would be great thanks - but is it configurable, as in can I change the file associations etc.?
  14. Winamp 5.5

    Has anyone successfully installed the latest version of Winamp 5.5 silently, without using AutoIT, or is that the only "real" way of doing it? I don't want the bloatware, the toolbar, the emusic stuff, the huge new skins or anything. I just want to install Winamp silently and set it up to play audio files, nothing else. I cannot believe a hugely popular app like Winamp doesn't let you do that with just a few simple switches.
  15. You don't need ALL the apps, just the one that suits the purpose of what you want to do. That's why I said "one step at a time". To install apps, I use the RunOnceEx method. An example of this is shown on http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/12/