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What Firewall do you Use/Recommend?


What Firewall do you Use/Recommend?  

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  1. 1. What Firewall do you Use?

    • Jetico
    • Kerio
    • McAfee
    • Norton
    • Outpost
    • Sygate
    • Windows Default
    • ZoneAlarm
    • Winpooch
    • Other - ?
    • None!

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now i am using COMODO Firewall + Avast, but seem to have problems with some things like opening some things - like flash projectors (from autorun) i think. gives msg asking me if i want to debug in Visual Studio. but not sure if its because of it but anyway is kaspersky Internet security 7 good?

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Is there any concensus as to the best free firewall which runs on Windows 98/SE???

I'm currently running Sygate Personal Firewall build 2710, but it has a known issue with 98/SE.

It works ok, but continuously writes entries to a log file about every 2 seconds.

The last free build had an even bigger issue (on 98/SE only) where the firewall

will occasionally terminate at random, ie, just shutdown without any warning.

That isn't a problem with 2710, but the constant writing to the log file is annoying.

Both issues were discussed on the old sygate products forum, which no longer exists.

I'm thinking about trying Kerio 2.1.5 with the ruleset posted at dslreports.com.

Are there any other good free firewalls with low memory requirements

(ie NOT ZoneAlarm) that run well on Windows 98/SE???

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Jetico 1.1 would appear to be the best 9x firewall. It is also free. Very lightweight, but quite akward to configure though. I use it since what seems ages now.

If you'd bring this topic in the 9x forums you would certainly yeld more feedback than here I reckon.

That's for everyone interested in firewalls in general in case it has not been posted yet :


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well, got tired of zone alarm. the interface looked cheap, and all the popups were annoying as hell, and ive used other ones which do popup yes, but not like zonealarm.

Wasnt very user friendly IMO, peole may disagree, but thats wat i felt.

Using Comodo now, great interface, user friendly with great features...and its free :D (yes zone alarm basic is, but pro isnt)

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I've been using Zone Alarm Suite for the past six months. No problem with it. I like the way it grabs viruses. I had used Zone Alarm Pro for 2 years prior to that. Never had any problems. I just bought Norton 360, but won't install it for another six months when my ZA subscription runs out. I also use(d) Norton Ghost 10 to do a complete backup of my boot (system) drive. I had problems with that. Any thoughts on Norton 360?

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On my physical system, I'm using NIS 2007, but I'm trying out the new version of Comodo firewall 3.0 in a Virtual PC 2007 with Vista installed.

It's got some good new features that I have yet to play around, like being able to specify which files/folders are secure.

One negative, which is bugging me, is I can't find a list of application that have access to internet in one central place. Otherwise, the graphics UI has been improved from 2.0, it looks more polished than the cheap UI of 2.0.

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Im using PC Tools Firewall Plus which is free to download from


So far not had any probs at all with this in any way and its no where near as twitchy as ZoneAlarm (Comodo works the same way as ZoneAlarm but you need Your Uninstaller 2008 to remove it fully)


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i'm using norton 2008, it works great for me and it doesn't slow down my system that much. a few years ago i had a computerattack and norton blocked evrything nicely !

I was chocked, really someone was trying to hack my computer but thanks to my norton he didn't had any luck :sneaky:

i always use norton, nothing else. on smaller systems (2Ghz) it would recommend something else but on large systems (3Ghz) like mine :P i would take norton

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