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  1. Ok enough is enough now! Why on earth did MS think that SuperFetch was a good idea? My computer is constantly running out of RAM or at least to the point where everything slows down to a complete crawl because of this stupid stupid STUPID SuperFetch feature loading up my RAM. I have a good spec machine (specs are below); Gigiabytye X58A-UD3R Motherboard. Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.80 GHz (currently overclocked to 3.8GHz). 6GB Corsair Tri Channel RAM. nVidia GeForce 880GTS 320MB DDR3 (somewhat old now but still works a treat). Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Does anybody know of anything to stop this from happening, I totally disabled Superfetch using services.msc but still W7 used all my RAM it's enough to make a grown man cry I can tell you Stoner81.
  2. As it is now it does not matter I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on it instead! Stoner81.
  3. update this info fo you own brand and save as oem.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation] "Model"="" "Logo"="C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM32\\OEMLOGO.BMP" "SupportHours"="24 hours a day, 7 days a week" "Manufacturer"="TOSHIBA" "SupportPhone"="(800)457-7777" "SupportURL"="http://pcsupport.toshiba.com" put your oem logo in the windows\systen32 folder and run th e*.reg file to make the changes WICKED! Thank you very much! Your help is very much appreciated. Stoner81.
  4. Title says it all really folks, I have read that it uses the same method that XP has but this has never worked for me also is there a maximum size the image can be or whatever? TIA! Stoner81.
  5. Thanks for your help guys much appreciated, I have nothing configured as such from what you describe under XP so I should be ok from the sounds of things. The only reason I asked is because last time I moved the drives I lost all data on them due to how they were formatted I think. Under Disk Manager they showed as green for some reason but they are now blue I can provide screenshots if that does not make sense. Stoner81.
  6. Ok folks here is my possible problem... My desktop is like mega old and needs upgrading, I will be buying a new motherboard and CPU ready to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Now my C:\ drive (IDE) will obviously get wiped in the process which is not a problem but, my desktop also contains 2 other HDD's (SATA) which have a lot of data on them. They are only used for storage purposes so no applications or anything are installed, will these drives be fine or will they not be usable until they are formatted under Windows 7 in which case I lose all my data? Thanks for your help. Stoner81.
  7. Ok buddy thanks I will try it. Stoner81.
  8. Hey guys I have recently changed over to Windows 7 and I am loving it... except... the view in Windows Explorer keeps changing from how I set it, I want to keep it in List View all the time but it keeps giving me big icons again and again! Please help before I launch the thing out the window!!!!! Stoner81.
  9. A couple of folks have said that Eset NOD32 is lousy, I am curious to know what versions they were running, how was it configured etc. If they are so crappy then why have they received numerous awards from Virus Bulletin (VB100)? I have been using Eset products for a number of years and imho it beats everything else by a mile!!! I tried Kaspersky once and that slowed my system down to a crawl so it got binned pronto!!! In 5 years I think I have had about 5 viruses (one of which was my own fault) so one a year on average is **** good going in today's world of malware. I am now hoping to reduce that down to zero with now having Agnitum installed. My current setup has changed a little recently I am now using Eset Anti-virus v4.0.437.0 along with Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro v6.5.5 (latest build), add to this mix of MalwareBytes Anti-malware v1.39 (registered), Spyware Blaster v4.2 (awesome piece of software) and Spybot S&D (though realtime protection is disabled due to the amount of memory it uses). I was using Eset Smart Security but I got fed up with not being able to control specific applications through my firewall which I can do with Outpost, the settings are all turned all the way up plus Outpost gives you HIPS protection (Host Intrusion Prevention System... or something along those lines). Add to this I have now joined Boot Camp over at SWI to learn how to use things like HJT and such tools properly.
  10. Dude I could kiss you for this!!!!!! Thanks a million million!!!!! If we had rep here I would give you loads for this, you are a genius!!!!!! Peace! Stoner81.
  11. Cheers Kel m8 thanks for the update on this amazing piece of kit!
  12. Hi folks I am having problems with this outstanding firewall. The installer is made by INNO so that's not a problem the problem I am having is I can not for the life of me work out how to make it registered (I have a licence for it) silently. I have looked through the registry about 20 million times and just can't work it out. Knowing me I am probably missing something really simple, anyway any help will be greatly appreciated folks! Please help. Stoner81.

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