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  1. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    I shall be editing my posts a little more carefully in the future, Thank you for your support, feedback, challanges, information, and suggestions. Again, this is my opinion and I am open to considering others. You are also right Trends do NOT mean that it is superior, and considering we have to very excellent products on the top of the list for this debate/conversation I would say its irrelevant, but I am happy that the information is now fresh in the post and that people have some great ideas on what is a good product for defragmenting their computers, professional, or personal. Thank you also for your welcoming comments and I will be here for some time to share and to learn.
  2. What Firewall do you Use/Recommend?

    Other- Comodo Firewall Pro.....
  3. Whats the best Cleaner/Registry Software

    I couldn't say what the best is but I love CCleaner, and it's free! Also it is setup perfectly for the average user, Simple GUI, Automatically backs-up your changes, and it doesnt dig too far! I also like Registry Bot, although I got it so long ago I don't even know if they still make or support it, I find it occasionally grabs WAY too many keys and that on rare occasion, usually when you can't afford trouble, it causes just that.... And that one isnt even in the poll.... So who knows
  4. List your top 10 fave software!

    Someone has the brains to use Opera, but not to stay the He double hockey sticks away from Kazaa? Sheesh! lol, jk, couldn't resist!
  5. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    Just to show myself some actual performance results I went diggin a bit and this is what I found. The first one Seems sided towards Perfect Disk. I kept in mind the tests are pretty similar so I thought of what I look for in a defragment software. 1.) Performance. I've not doubted Diskeeper in quite a while but this is what I've found. Defragment Performance Test In this I could only find that the Resources used are much more user friendly on the Diskeeper end of it, but who doesn't have extra resources alot of the time. So now I'm thinking..... 2.) Cost. Here's what I found Value-Comparison May I add though at a user level Both products will suffice to the extreme, the only major difference it seems being that Perfect Disk doesn't defrag over a Network, and that there is no other advanced enterprise functions. So I'm coming around.....Suffice it to say, I will be installing it tonight and I will reconsider my stand on Diskeeper. I am not alone though It seems the majority in the poll feel the same way I do. Maybe this will help someone decide. Seems like we have acieved at least one goal here. Thanks to everyone who shared valueable info. Dare I say I may just stick with Diskeeper yet, Time and Tests will tell. EDIT-And I am sorry to the Mod and Admin for the double post I honestly thought someone else would have posted before I got to the end of this.
  6. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    In answer to your question I have been an IT Consultant and Technician for many years, and NO I do not Promote because I sell, I sell because I believe that people can benefit from the best software available. Quite frankly you are very correct in your statement concerning my knowledge of their history and due to this forums topics and information share I will investigate it further as it is good to know what you are talking about, isn't it? But I am aware of the product and what its capabilities are and I still firmly stand behind it. Diskeeper like any other corporation is going to have its faults, but here we have strayed from the point. Diskeeper Defragmentation Software is superior in my eyes. And that is all I intended to say. I and others whom I employ spend a great deal of time searching for new solutions to better our clients and partners. We have found few who stand above the rest and YES, we promote the ones that do. I joined this forum for three reasons. 1. To gain information from knowledgable sources and to explore possibilies for new and undevoured technology and information. 2. To share based on my personal, and my companies knowledgbase to somehow help others find the answers they seek easily as I personally understand how difficult it is to find the answers we all seek everyday. 3. To Learn and communicate with others with the same fundemental values, needs, and knowledge. As you are also I am sure. Thank you for your relevant information, I asked and was answered and I hope this can continue as we are all here in the pursuit of something, better, bigger, and beyond ourselves. Diskeeper like any other corporation is going to have its faults, but here we have strayed from the point. Diskeeper Defragmentation Software is superior in my eyes. And that is all I intended to say. Oh and btw, Diskeeper 6 Is by FAR NOT a good comparrison to the current build of 10+ in 2008 Editions. NOT even close to comparing. STRIPPED TO THE MAX. Tell me what functionality they do have that would resemble Diskeepers or Perfect Disks in any way shape or form.
  7. List your top 10 fave software!

    My top 10 Not necessarily in the correct order; 1. Avast! Antivirus 2. Comodo Firewall 3. Opera 4. Adobe Dreamweaver 5. Adobe Flash 6. Hijack This! 7. CCleaner 8. uTorrent 9. Nero 10. WinRar This was not an easy go. I have far too many apps that I value for their multitudes of functionality. Don't we all! Anyway, Keep Postin! Alot of good App Idea's in here. Thanks to everyone for Sharing!
  8. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    Considering the core of Diskeeper and windows defrag are so radically different from each other I highly doubt Microsoft has stripped down Diskeeper to use in its own software. I also believe that Diskeeper would NEVER allow such a thing as they would make more from us than they ever would with Microsoft. I implore you to show evidence of your claims as Microsoft has no affiliation to Diskeeper. What problems did you have with Diskeeper may I ask? How long ago? And did you attempt to rectify them using Diskeepers Phenomenal support network? Just curious. I recommend Diskeeper to all of my clients and have never heard nor seen a sign of any issue with it. EVER! I currently own three different Copies (ALL licenced through and downloaded from Diskeeper Corporation) and All three do what they do without complaint, and without issues. Even the old Versions only had minor bugs which were always addressed and fixed. Was your "Full Version" by chance Warez as you cannot guarentee that Warez is the actual software you are looking for, quite the opposite really, I can almost guarentee that it is most definatly the opposite case. Anyway, Don't take my word for it. Millions of proffessionals can't be wrong! Even take a look in the forums to see WHO recommends what and Im sure you'll see more than a few trends.
  9. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    By far NO OTHER APPLICATION does what Diskeeper does. It is vastly superior on every level, and actually recommended by Microsoft themselves. For more information on Diskeeper goto http://www.diskeeper.com/ You can also get a free trial there to try it out before you buy it. As I can guarentee you once you've tried it you will buy it. Here's a start A great Comparrison guide from Diskeeper including Windows Built in tool. First is Business Edition and then Home Edition; Business Editions of Diskeeper vs. Windows Comparison Chart Home Edition of Diskeeper vs. Windows Comparison Chart And some white Papers; http://www.diskeeper.com/products/document...cumentation.asp Thank me later
  10. Remove Deskbar for Windows Desktop Search 4 (WS4)

    Hi Tim, Simply right click your Taskbar and under the Toolbars section UNCHECK the Windows Search Deskbar. No more Deskbar. And you didnt have to uninstal Anything! Moreover I will try to find a solution for you to deploy the changes easily, or by means of a registry fix. Good Luck with that end of it.
  11. No JPG pixs as desktop bakcgrounds...

    Very wierd, and maybe a good answer by Harley, although Another way you can go about it is to convert the pictures into BMP format. You can do this easily by opening the picture in Paint or any other such image editor, and simply Save As then choose the appropriate format for you. I love alternatives. Oh BTW Now you will have a JPG and a BMP verion of the picture/pictures. Also if looking for good Backgrounds checkout www.VisualParadox.com I hope I didn't break any rules there. Sorry if I did. All high quality pics that will work great for your desktop. No matter where they are. Wow, alot of Oldies in here eh?
  12. Great Post is right. The effort is appreciated, I will be implementing this SOMEwhere just to try it out. It will come in handy I am sure. Keep up the great work!
  13. Nlite Noobie Need Help

    First off, do not the options in Nlite allow you to tweak these settings? :S If I'm wrong I appologise but I didnt imagine it would be too difficult. Also it is actually rather fortunate that we must search for and read the information we need. It helps people decide what to do before they go doing it and screwing it....up.... Google severely helps reseach, and I have found these forums full of all the required information for every task related to slipstreaming, and customizing. ROCK ON! I LOVE MSFN! Thank you all, and keep up the great work. Even the not so noobie are learning today! and yesterday! and I'm sure years to come. Also, Are you looking to tweak these on a new version of your customised disk? Or are you looking to change the settings on the computer you setup?If you supply some more info I will gladly help.
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THATS WHAT I SAY! Try it, then try Avast! You wont go back. And there are way to many reasons to type. You'll see, and it's free.
  15. What Anti-Virus do you Use/Recommend?

    As an IT technician and company owner, I had found many of our client's and customers were coming in for repairs due to virus infections and malware. SO! I went in search of the best. We setup 10 test computers and installed a different AV/Firewall combination on each, some of the test computers had suites of defence such as Norton, and Zone Alarm, We tried Paid versions and free. And these are our results and as you will see we're right as always. Avast is by far #1-NOT only did it catch 98% of the 100 test Malwares we introduced to the system. But it also found the other 2 in a manual full system scan. 100%. NOW we started to introduce our customers to Avast and found that the # of clients we had complaining of Infections DROPPED DRAMATICALLY! And no this didnt hurt us, as we now are official affiliates and resellers for Alwil Software- Makers of Avast! Now I get calls out of the blue thanking me for induducing them to the finest Antivirus program ever made. If you dont believe me, switch for a month and see for yourself. Avast is free for Home or non-professional use. And even the paid version is well worth the money.