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What Firewall do you Use/Recommend?


What Firewall do you Use/Recommend?  

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  1. 1. What Firewall do you Use?

    • Jetico
    • Kerio
    • McAfee
    • Norton
    • Outpost
    • Sygate
    • Windows Default
    • ZoneAlarm
    • Winpooch
    • Other - ?
    • None!

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Winpooch. Its a program that monitors what programs are trying to do. It can be setup to block programs from connecting to the internet, making changes in system folders, etc. Out of the box its a bad 'firewall' because it will let everything connect to the internet. By changing the rule to 'block everything' and then adding exceptions, you can create a lean and mean firewall.

I've posted a guide to configuring Winpooch as a firewall here.

The primary drawback with it, is it doesnt have an option to run as a service, though i hear that's planned.

I do reccomend ZoneAlarm (particularly Security Suite) over the other commercial firewalls though. :)

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look'n'stop. (EDIT: was using kerio v2.15 for a long time.)

i can say that lns is really awesome fw. there is a certain guru-guy named phantom who made very tihgt rules for lns. all i can say it's almost unbreakable. and it's minimalistic in terms of system resources - aroung 3mb of sys memory at peak times.

i've been running a special test on my pc for about a month now with look'n'stop. i'm trying to exclude antivirus programs and antispyware progs from my system. so, it's a month since i havent been using any antivirus or antispyware (i hate the fact they hog the syszem). the system is setup as follows:

-installed look'n'stop (with phantom's ruleset)

-using restricted user account

-installed DropMyRights (awesome)

-installed MakeMeAdmin (same as above)

-using mozilla ff (with no script extension)

NO av, NO antispyware

the results, so far, are really amazing. not a single virus or spyware on my pc for the time being. of course to examine the pc i installed lawasoft ad-aware and upodated the definitions, then installed ms antispyware, and did a full scan on the system. then for av check i installed clamwin (latest definitions), which according to the tests, has one of the best scan engines. also did a full scan with it, and again no virus.

this may be a little bit off toppic, but i presume it will be interesting for some of us who like to 'experiment' a little.

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