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  1. My computer was infected last year with this specific virus because I ran peer to peer application without an antivirus, I learned my lesson My personal analysis with this virus is: it infects ALL executables (exe, com, dll, ocx, etc) on ALL drives after initial infection, it downloads its main program from total-secure2009.com What I did was: deleted ALL executables on ALL drives (I was left with only image files (jpg, bmp, etc) docs (doc, xls, mdb, pub), and mp3s :angrym:) install from uninfected CD installer and placed this on my HOSTS file " total-secure2009.com", this prevented accidental infection again in which I did, really, this time it tried to download from total-secure2009.com but now can't download its main prog from there
  2. "only when programs try to make changes" for me, I'm surprised most turned it off... Microsoft should never have put this on to begin with
  3. Me too, I also miss the old explorer and the classic search on Win7/Vista It is more productive working with the old search and explorer.
  4. me too, starcraft 2 and it seems that i have been waiting for eternity
  5. You cant... I have been infected two times for the past years, first was when I was infected through peer to peer, it was a tough virus because it infected every .exe and .com file in every partition or drive in my computer. All I was left was my jpgs and mp3s + full format and install, no antivirus there. The second time was just last March, the virus installed itself on other drive (in my case it was drive E:) and it made detection more difficult because I just scan system drive. Because of the above-mentioned, today, I do not go online without firewall, activeX control (spywarebalster) and antivirus...
  6. I have been using Limewire ever since...
  7. try here: MSFN's Unattended Windows Installation it specifies the folder you have to use during installation so that your programs will be copied to the new installations
  8. Welcome wizzy2k5 :) to MSFN, have a good time here!
  9. edit WallPaperDir from this registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
  10. I did not use any third party program to integrate service pack 2 to Windows 2003. I just used the /integrate switch and it worked perfectly for me.
  11. You can also add *.dll, *.ocx, *.vbs, *.shs and *.chm
  12. mau-yong

    netmon and nlite

    Go to Control Panel => Add or Remove Programs => Add/Remove Windows Components, under the components Management and Monitoring Tools, click Details and there it is, check the box Network Monitoring Tools then click OK to install.

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