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  1. jago_lfn

    creating a backup Image of my System win7 X64

    It's going to take a while for people to get used to this. I've had no problems with backups made in win7 and I dont even bother with acronis anymore now.
  2. jago_lfn

    When did your graphics card die?

    I've not had a video card die on me ever and the first card i ever had was a cirrus logic 512k ISA and i'm using a 8800gts now =)
  3. jago_lfn

    How Many People Own A Website?

    I owned http://www.cathat.org back in 2003 and hosted alot of sims 1 files but hosting costs became a hassle and i got bored with it and took it down. Havent messed with running a site since.
  4. jago_lfn

    SIMS 2 REG

    From looking at the other thread he started that wont be an option as he don't want to "down load" them all again. Sounds to me like he pir8'd them and needs to go buy them all from his local software store instead =)
  5. jago_lfn

    GNOME Themes

    Does anyone have any good sites for GNOME themes other than art.gnome.org and freshmeat? Some or should i say most of the stuff on freshmeat is outdated and I'm looking for some good new themes.
  6. I use my real name. Makes it easier having an account across computers so shares are accesed without username/password input. It's like signing your name to something, you're not "Administrator" are you? If so well..... *speaks to your parents*
  7. jago_lfn

    New Corsair Voyager 16GB Flash Drive

    If i'm not mistaken, doesnt NTFS wear out flash drives quicker?
  8. jago_lfn

    Server 2003 service tweaking

    http://smallvoid.com/tweak/winnt/services.html That may be of some help.
  9. jago_lfn

    To build a high end Win98SE System

    nForce2 sucks with Windows 9x! I know, because I tested it on my Asus A7N8X-X and the benchmarks were degraded noticably! I can't trust it with nForce2. I lost at least close to 10 FPS in 3D Mark 2001 SE! nFarce2 (/sarcasam) sucked in everything, not just win9x. I'd give SiS chipsets a go as well. I've had very good luck with them in 9x/NT4 vs Intel and Via chipsets. On a second note i'd seriously talk the folks into getting newer (and possibly better) software that would support at LEAST Windows 2000. You'd be less prone to losing data due to a random BSOD whenever 9x decides to vomit everywhere.
  10. jago_lfn

    Which is a good Linux For Me?

    Slax can be installed to hard drive with the make_disk.sh script in the cd root.
  11. jago_lfn

    IE7 is giving me a brain tumor.

    I'd agree with the problem being releated to dns. I'd advise using the servers over at opendns.com instead of your isp's servers.
  12. You could try http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45323876/ also. I like it better than the one M$ made.
  13. jago_lfn

    Best Linux Window Manager

    Afterstep would be my first choice followed by fluxbox.
  14. jago_lfn

    Rename pagefile by default?

  15. jago_lfn

    Need A DVD Movie & Game Collection

    http://www.ebay.com you can find large lots of dvd movies and games there.