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  1. Hi This is very, very difficult. This machine is designed for Vista/Win7 or downgraded XPSP3. Win 2000 was not a choice of the engineers, also MS stopped support for the os. Hope, there is someone out there, who worked out a solution.
  2. wela

    Beta J Download

    Here it is. hfslip_betaJ.rar
  3. Please note, XP is not able to handle DirectX 10 and/or 11. These .cabs are useless. regards
  4. I used the youngest beta and the newest hotfiles from MU to build an normal installcd with XPSP3 german, no ie8 ,no mp11. All fine, thanks again for your work tommyp, fdv and all the others. regards wela
  5. Hi Maybe the files are damaged. On German XPSP3 no Problems. Have you tried to redownload them?
  6. wela

    Windows Updates

    KB971513 this is an optional Update, nothing to delete.
  7. No Problems here with kb973525.
  8. wela

    Issue with HFGUIRUNONCE

    Hi I found the "bug", its made by myself, cause i changed the location of "documents and settings". Sorry for the inconvenience caused. FYI, i added a .jpg of the feb_09 CD, only Problem: the hfslip.log is deleted in CD-root.
  9. wela

    Issue with HFGUIRUNONCE

    Hmm.... I use hfslip more then 2 years. I´ve found two CDs, builded with former versions of Hfslip (i described above) and on each CD the 942288 file is located in "i386\SVCPACK" and each CD install after first logon the file. Only the latest beta did not copy the file, only the related .inf and .cmd is builded in "Sourcess\i386", this is tested with different versions of XPSP3, each for a PC here in our home. I think this discussion becomes useless. I copy the file manually and all is fine. Thanks.
  10. wela

    Issue with HFGUIRUNONCE

    Thats not the Prob. The Problem is: After hfslip finished the job, the file, located in HFGUIRUNONCE, is not in "SOURCESS\i386\SVCPACK". Only the .inf and the .cmd file are in "i386". So, after installation with a CD build from this folder i get a "missing file" message. I copy the file from "x\HFGUIRUNONCE" to "SOURCESS\i386\SVCPACK and all work fine. So, that was my question, is there a mistake in hfslip code!? tommyp said no, there are no changes to this section. OK. I think that my Problem is another secret in the wide MS-World.
  11. wela

    Issue with HFGUIRUNONCE

    Hi Its the file in HFGUIRUNONCE. Using the latest beta, the file is missed at first logon, the .inf and .cmd for the file are in i386. I found a older CD with XPSP3, builded by 1.7.9_beta_d, build 81223 and the HFGUIRUNONCE-file is in i386\SVCPACK and it installed without any issue. Since i´ve found the Installer 4.5, i use this way to install it. Strange
  12. wela

    Issue with HFGUIRUNONCE

    Hi I think, thats not the problem. Former Versions of hfslip didn´t show this issue. I copied the file into "sourcess\svcpack", all fine So, i think theres a little mistake in the code of the latest beta.
  13. There is a issue in latest hfslip. Files in HFGUIRUNONCE are not copied to SOURCESS after hfslip finished, so after first logon a error message is shown. hfslip.log is attached. HFSLIP.ZIP
  14. I´ve had the same Problem. After some testing i extracted all files from the archive and...... voila. That´s it. Have a nice weekend.
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