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  1. hi tp, I'm happy with the wm11 codec slipstream, good stuff It's amazing to find that you could slim it down to 160 MB, I could only manage down to around 400 MB for my Win XP. On the subject of HFCLEANUP I'm having a minor issue. I use the Driver_DisplayAdapters.rdv and with 1.7.9 I got no issue, but with the 1.7.10 during the GUI install around T-36 I got prompted with a screen asking for msyuv.dll. I'm sure that msyuv.dl file is listed in the rdv so I shouldn't get that prompt. Can I try to re-enable your code on line 2912 - 2928, I don't mind longer waiting time for my slipstream. Cheers
  2. @mukke Yes you are right, I've been on the wrong path and formed the wrong idea because I attempted to use those nLited files which doesn't work Now I'm happily using SYSSETUP.DL_ and SFC_OS.DL_ for HFCLEANUP. @tommyp btw just continuing from http://www.msfn.org/board/windows-updates-...p;view=findpost I renamed my RDV to REM and it looks as if I don't need to do anything further. I only find references to those files in the DOSNET.INF, HIVESFT.INF and HIVESYS.INF. Looking at hfslip code seems like you have some HFCLEANUP code that deals with those (DOSNET, HIVE*) INF files being commented out. What plague am I unleashing if I uncomment those codes?
  3. gluon

    Windows Updates

    Thanks for the speedy reply Tommy, yeah this is not the place of discussing hfcleanup. I'll spawn another thread when I giving up figuring out RIN stuff There's plenty of examples already so I just need to try understand what's happening.
  4. gluon

    Windows Updates

    In relation to KB955759 (Indeo Codec) and following http://support.microsoft.com/kb/954157 is there a simple way to just unregister/remove the codec? Would an RDV in HFCLEANUP do the trick if I want to remove it? I don't know if anybody uses the Indeo Codec but I thought it might be a good idea just to remove it altogether since I've never use it (or fail to realise if I ever do). If there is an existing mechanism to remove useless codecs in HFSLIP then please let me know, I'd be interested to use it Here is what my RDV looks like in case anybody interested. ir32_32.dl ir41_32.ax ir41_qc.dl ir41_qcx.dl ir50_32.dl ir50_qc.dl ir50_qcx.dl ivfsrc.ax
  5. gluon

    Windows Updates

    @kiki I put back KB956744 in HF folder so I can pass MBSA scan.
  6. gluon

    Windows Updates

    After having an agent ransacking my HF folder it seems like kb969947 MS09-065 should supersede MS08-061. Succession line: MS09-065 replaces MS09-025 which replaces MS09-006 which replaces MS08-061. In short, I don't think we need to slipstream MS08-61 and kb959252 since MS09-065 have the highest Win32k.sys version number (5.1.2600.5863). On a different note Mim0, I was interested in having RDC7 in my slipstream so I tried placing KB969084 in HF folder but I only find mstsc.exe of version 6.0.6001.18000. I also tried by taking out KB956744 from HF folder but to no avail. Then I tried placing KB969084 in HFSVCPACK_SW1 which worked, resulting in mstsc.exe of version 6.1.7600.16385. Could you please confirm that HF is the right folder to put KB969084? Any ideas why I keep failing in HF folder?
  7. Thanks TommyP, patching SFC_OS.DL_ seems to do the trick. The one patched by nLite didn't work for some reason (I even tick the box for SFC patching), so I manually patched it based on RyanVM. No more driver prompt screen bugging me Just curious, does HFSLIP performs modifyPE on SYSSETUP.IN_ automatically? The reason I'm asking is b/c the absence of a patched SYSSETUP.DL_ doesn't seem to break the install process.
  8. hi Tommyp thanks again for the tips I've read hfslip.org regarding HFCLEANUP and but seems like all I need is to modify SETUPAPI.DL_ to make the cleanup to work. The install after HFCLEANUP was fine but I just find the driver verification prompts are just plain annoying and it's just a non-critical side effect of the HFCLEANUP. I'm just wondering if there are ppl who have the same annoyance popping up or if it's just me. I've followed the patching in http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2274 for SYSSETUP.DL_ and the prompts haven't gone away yet. Will try modifying the SFC_OS.DL_ but I thought HFSLIP already modify it to turn off WFP since I've been putting the modded uxtheme.dll in REPLACE folder without any issue.
  9. btw have any of u experience issue where WinXP complains that it cannot verify signature of any drivers including its own ie. Windows keep prompting the following for any driver installation This happens if I have any reducer file in HFCLEANUP eg. I only put Applications_AccessibilityOptions.inf,rem,rin. It still occurs even though DELCATS=1 which should turn Driver Signing to Ignore by default. Changing Driver Signing manually to Ignore does not have any effect. I have a modified SETUPAPI.DL_ in REPLACE/I386 as per FDV's instruction http://www.vorck.com/windows/edit-setupapi.html. I didn't put Nlited SYSSETUP.DL_ since it's causing BSoD when Windows starts up, Nlited SFC_OS.DL_ does not make any difference. I also wonder if anybody got an issue with WinXP unable to locate hdaudbus.sys even though it's in DRIVER.CAB during GUIMode install. I'm still trying to find out whether it's something in HFCLEANUP that's causing it. Could anybody help me or is this a reality I have to face with HFCLEANUP?
  10. gluon

    Windows Updates

    KB976749 for IE8 is up to fix previous cumulative update. From the description it seems like the previous cumulative update kb974455 need to be installed first otherwise there could be issues. I'm trying it now, putting it in HF folder.... hopefully everything is OK.
  11. I know this is a crazy idea, but given that you're having trouble with hfslip.org would you consider code.google.com or ourproject.org to host your project? There you go I've said it..... awaiting flames from every corner of MSFN.
  12. tested rev T without putting the kb973525 in HF folder and MBSA still reports its missing kb973525. I'd like to reiterate that this is a NON-ISSUE. I'll be putting kb973525 and any future killbit update from MS in the HF folder. It's more of a question whether the killbit section of HFSLIP even worth maintaining given that the benefit is not immediately apparent (it doesn't satisfy MBSA or qfecheck). I know it sounds stupid and reckless but I just feel the killbit section of HFSLIP doesn't seem that useful and could be safely removed. Since I'm only using Windows XP 32-bit EN I'm sure there are other things that I haven't considered and I would appreciate it if tommyp or someone else could shed some light into it.
  13. sorry maybe a bit of misunderstanding here I got no issue with the latest killbit hotfix kb973525 whatsoever. I was just wondering whether this 1.7.8 changelog entry is still relevant even for the latest killbit hotfix "current cumulative ActiveX KillBits are force-added by HFSLIP so it isn't needed to include KB948881 or KB950760 To override this behavior, specify NoKillBits=YES in HFANSWER.INI." and whether there is still value in keeping the code since it seems redundant given that we would have to put future killbit hotfix everytime Microsoft updates it. Again I'm so sorry for causing u so much trouble, I thought u were going to update that section of the code to cater for future killbit hotfix so we don't need to put the latest killbit hotfix in HF folder.
  14. thanks for the quick response TommyP I'll keep the INF file in the HFCLEANUP.
  15. Sorry if I'm reviving an old topic.... not too sure where I should ask this question and this is probably the better place than asking in the HFSLIP - test release topic. My question is with regard to the INF files I find in http://hfslip.org/files/CLN/hfcleanup.zip such as Applications_AccessibilityOptions.inf. Are they meant to be placed in HFSVCPACK or in HFCLEANUP together with the REM and RIN files?
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