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[Desktops] 2006

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I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy using latest nvidia beta drivers along with AIGLX/Compiz 3D accelerated GUI. I have things like very cool wobbly windows enabled, rain drops, water marks, transparency etc. Compiz runs much smoother than Beryl.

1.1Mb shot, sorry about that's how linux takes shots :\


You can check this review http://lunapark6.com/?p=2501 out, guy took some shots of cubed windows. Anyone who likes to modify their looks should look into this, it will take you about 10min to boot live cd and install linux and then 5 extra to download vga driver and compiz packages.

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here's mine for this week. today, i turned on the Themes service and tried out the Zune theme and the Royale Noir theme but both didn't satisfy me. so for right now, i'm sticking with HmmXP's sexiness.





as always, very highly compressed

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