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[Desktops] 2006

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Hello friends, my 2 cents to the competition :) clear and dirty desktop ;)

Some informations:

Wallpaper: Aurora RTM

Theme Used: Luna Royale

Winamp Skin: Spirit(with TOASTER plugin!)

simple and minimalistic but i like in this way :w00t:



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great desk anoxan

between which is the theme and browser you are using ??

vs: royale vista

wall: adolescent eyes

my browser: firefox 2 with InspiratSE 2.0 theme and compact menu (no menus) add-on

browser on remote desktop: firefox

no links, but you should be able to find them easily

(firefox is flagged in their built-in spell check..lol)

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i got a new wallpaper. i got rid of the wallpaper because i found too many artifacts in it. must have been compressed to 70% or something. anyways, here it is.





as always, very highly compressed :)

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