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  1. hey guys, been a while... if you are looking for a comparison you might wanna check this too: http://www.av-comparatives.org/parental-control/
  2. first off, its not possible to use 2 connection to same router and expect double speed! ive seen it being done for internet connections via an specific router but not in lan, at least i havent heard of such thing. second, the first step to troubleshoot your problem is to rule out software issues so reboot into safe mode and see if the problem still occurs and report back.
  3. i also liked 8 better without the start image. also looking for a way to disable it.
  4. yes the time was set correctly. forgot to mention it in my first post. in case anyone come across this post with the same issue, i did not manage to find the problem and therefore no solution. i re-installed my windows. thanks all for your replies!
  5. it seems that it doesnt affect metro ie 10. so what does this mean? nvm it also happens in metro mode.
  6. i have tried these in desktop: firefox, comodo dragon, opera 15, chrome, ie 10. as for metro mode im gonna try it now and will update here in couple of minutes.
  7. i havee already scanned with kaspersky,emsisoft,eset,mbam,hitmanpro and nothing. installing a fresh set is easy but its the apps that takes time.
  8. ive been dealing with this issue for 2 weeks now and im stuck. when i start a browser (any) i can open any website both http and https but after couple of minutes i can no longer open any https sites. so far i have tried: uninstalled every security app i had inc AV, Firewall, emet, sandboxiecleared ssl stateenabled all ssl versions under internet optionsclearing browser cacheinstalling a fresh browser with no addons installedin chrome i tried net-internals>socks>flushingregistering all the necessary DLL files for secure connectionssfc /scannowresetting all settings to default under internet option menuim loosing my mind, nothing seem to work. and i thought maybe its a problem with my isp but other computers on the network dont have any issues. anyone has any idea what could be the cause? thanks
  9. yes apparently the problem was with the router's bandwidth management. for some reason it was causing the packet loss even though that machine was on the list. thanks guys
  10. hmm yeah that could be the cause. well my setup is like this: lan+wlan > AP > Modem so i guess connect my pc directly to the modem and see what happens. will update the post with result, thanks.
  11. yes i did try that, so much as limiting it to 2 KB/s but still have dc's.
  12. ok so im facing a new weird problem and hopefully someone can help me out. when im downloading with utorrent i constantly get disconnected from web i.e. huge packet loss spikes across the network and not just that machine. nothing else causes the same problem, downloading with IDM, web browser, even downloading with Vuze has no problem. so this has to be utorrent's fault either cause of a setting or the program itself. ive been using utorrent for more than a year now and this is new, ive updated it couple of time though during past few weeks. so far ive tried: -decreasing the half-open connection number from 100 to 20 -maximum global connection to 20 from 150 nothing has worked so far.
  13. people need to stop complaining cause they dont know how to use windows 8 new features and design. if you dont like to try new things then go back to XP !
  14. ok guys, so yesterday i was really frustrated and went my guts and bought a new HDD and inserted, formatted and installed a fresh windows and then all my drivers. and guess what, the prblem is gone and my computer feels 20X faster. what still bothers me though and from the numbers and tests i couldnt pinpoint the exact issue for sure. anyway thank you all for your help and input's. really appreciate it. Regards
  15. ok here is the new ETL: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/435242/XperfSlowIOcir.7z
  16. here is the link for manual/bios/drivers...: http://support.acer.com/product/default.aspx?modelId=3475 the bios only has a few options and no diagnostic tools and it only prompt for F2 key for bios menu.
  17. i checked and there's no extra connector and getting a new HDD for testing is almost impossible since the guy im getting the HDD from shouldnt be needing any of the data on the drive (ill check though). as for Heat as i mentioned in the first post (if i have ) i have checked and there's no issue. so at this point i think i have to just buy a new HDD and see IF it was the problem!? but is there anyway to test cpu and mainboard and see if any of them is the problem?
  18. i could not find any official Toshiba diag tool that supports SATA drives. since this is a laptop doing the swapping stuff would be hard unless i ask a friend to lend me his/her laptop .... Nothing suspicious in Bios. and it is set to ACHI/SATA as for other hardwares except HDD then RAM im sure is ok since i have tested with memtest and windows own memory test and it looks fine. checked both graphic cards and both same issue so its none of them so we're left with Motherboard and CPU but honestly dunno how to effectively scan those 2.
  19. lol may i ask the reason for that conclusion? not that i doubt but just so i can learn.
  20. Acer hasnt released Drivers for windows 8 yet, at least not for 5750g but in 7 were i had the same issue it was Intel ACHI driver. i tried installing the ACHI driver for 7 in 8 and it seems to be working but i got those logs and numbers before that.
  21. i have already disabled Defender and installed MBAM and EAM but with both of them disabled i still get the spikes on hard pagefault. as for chrome is this general? do you recommend i switch to another browser or is it just happening to me? should i always disable DWM? i dont care about the fancy UI stuff anyway? ok this is the detail information from a program called GSmartControl and the result was the reason why i did HDD tests: and this is the log from error log tab: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/435242/TOSHIBA_MK6465GSX_21SBF204S_2012-08-17.txt
  22. actually i was, using the WPT from SDK 8 which is for windows 8 when i created the trace file but even though i didnt get the error this time but i think there's a registry key that should be altered before creating WPT logs on X64 machines to get the full data. the tracing process usually used to show me the alert on windows 7 but didnt get any here in win 8.
  23. i ran "xperf -on latency -stackwalk profile" from your guide HERE result: Dropbox
  24. k i installed the SDK but cant run the command, getting this error: "xperf: error: -on: does not expect 2 argument(s)"
  25. i dont think i can do that anymore, deleted my windows 7 and installed 8 RTM. SDK 7 doesnt work properly on 8. BTW i have also tried these steps before: Monitoring the temperatures looking for high numbers but wasnt it try running the games with both nvidia and integrated intel graphic both same result i have scanned my HDD with windows built-in scanner but no problems were found low-level HDD scanners finds couple of bad blocks but as far as i know a couple of them are alright as long as the number doesnt increase, right? both windows 8 built-in and 3rd party RAM scanners including memtest didnt find anything wrong with my RAM EDIT: found the windows 8 SDK, downloading right now. will get back to you with the file. thank you

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