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  1. Compiled Update .03: --------------------------- -Added: Shadow to start menu list pane -Fixed: Start menu list pane sizing bug
  2. Anyone who wants the wallpaper can check the deviation for the link. Compilled Update .02: --------------------------- -Adjusted: Button font color -Adjusted: Shellstyle font colors -New: Haemo shellstyle icons
  3. The focus of this style is on the effects, everything lights up (powered state), has clickable animations and some depth details. You have to try it to see the markers.
  4. Haemo v1.03 Case modders might like this! An oddbasket original. Simple black theme with a full set of options. My first release after winning 2nd place in the TuneUp Style contest. Compiled Update .03: --------------------------- -Changed: Active caption text -Modified: Start button text for better light blending -Fixed: Unviewable menu text in applications that use a different value -Adjusted: Button font color -Adjusted: Shellstyle font colors -New: Haemo shellstyle icons -Added: Shadow to start menu list pane -Fixed: Start menu list pane sizing bug Installation notes: ----------------- Installer and normal .rar provided. FireFox 2.0 users please download the Haemo compatibility skin for FireFox 2.0 below. Supports Windows XP: --------------------- -Normal (32px) size icons -Large (48px) size icons -Normal size fonts -Large fonts -Extra Large fonts -96 DPI -120 DPI Download: deviantART Installer: download FireFox 2.0 skin: download Some have requested a customized version of the start button, and I've put the .psd up for download here. Please leave a comment after downloading. Feedback on how to improve is greatly welcomed.
  5. Thanks, yeah I made them for a competition.
  6. I think I like the silver one better. Whaddya think?
  7. This a new sig I made for myself. The full size is how I intended it, but I modified a 300p version for this forum.
  8. Superceded by another theme, look in the Royale Noir thread. If you want just the Visual style alone, click the external forum link there.
  9. As some of you know... a while ago, I found a way to have perfectly aligned Vista caption buttons which don't align too high and have their tops cut off when maximized. Something new this time, a new method to have a full Vista start orb in multi tier top/bottom taskbars and left/right vertical taskbars, using only .msstyles for XP. Just to share for those who want to make Vista styles. (Had to make the full orb bitmap myself, since every Vista style I tried had a cut off graphic.) 1st Mar 2007 Update: ------------------------ -Tweaked various graphics and alignments -Compacted start orb graphics and quicklaunch icons for more usable taskbar area -Added addition graphics to improve vertical taskbar aesthetics and alignments -*New* Full Vista start orb on multi tier top/bottom taskbar and left/right vertical taskbars
  10. Using the 3rd substyle from my personally created OB WMP11 VS. Linky Please do not post full sized screenshots. --Zxian
  11. Final Update: Completely Vista-ized the Royale GUI to taste. Try it!
  12. Since this VS was done rather quickly in 3 days, I've been putting off fixing the graphical glitches until I had some free time on sunday. Changes for Ver1 to Ver2 ---------------------------- -Tweaked most of the graphics -Tweaked some colour hues -Resolved caption buttons alignment issue for different window frames -Better, more accurate clickable area effect for caption buttons -*New* Compact substyle with thin taskbar, frame captions and compact start menu The bonus for me is finally figuring out how to resolve the close buttons alignment that plagued every Vista style VS I've tried. Screenshot and downloads updated in post #1.
  13. to manually change the look of windows, you need reshacker or PE explorer or stylebuilder. Use those to edit the .msstyles file for the general outlook taskbars buttone etc. Only thing is it is required to patch uxtheme.dll, use either Universal theme patcher 2.1 or uxtheme multi patcher 5.0.
  14. apogee titles were the best during the DOS era. My fav was wolfenstein 3d.
  15. I remember this game fondly and the thick manual that came with the game.
  16. Updated 22-Jan-2007 Remade normal cursors to work with 'Enable Pointer Shadow' in XP, no alpha blended shadows needed, so you can choose whether you like to have shadows or not.
  17. The key to doing this is [HKEY_USER\.DEFAULT\AppEvents\Schemes\Names\Window0] @="Windows Vista" [HKEY_USER\.DEFAULT\AppEvents\Schemes] @="Window0" [HKEY_USER\.DEFAULT\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\.Default\.Default\.Current] @="Windows Vista - Pling.wav"
  18. Updated on 21st Jan, 2007 People were complaining about a slight yellow tinge with highlighed icons in explorer. That's been fixed and the files updated. ***This theme will go well with my XP Vista Pack***
  19. XP Vista Pack by oddbasket Consists of Vista RTM sound scheme, Aero pointer scheme and all Vista wallpapers 1920x1440 and widescreen 1920x1200. Note: Not the sound scheme from my Royale Remixed Theme Aero pointer scheme: ------------------------ -Without the impractical precision and text select cursors -Unavailable cursor made with the white parts transparent -Normal cursors work with 'Enable Pointer Shadow' option Vista RTM sound scheme: ----------------------------- -Re-encoded for better volume and clarity -User Account Control sound used for System Notification instead because the latter was annoying 36 Vista Wallpapers: ----------------------- -29 1920x1440 wallpapers -7 1920x1200 widescreen wallpapers Using XP Vista Pack: ------------------------ After installation, 1. Choose 'Vista RTM' sound scheme in Control Panel. 2. Choose 'Windows Aero' pointer scheme in Control Panel. 3. Choose a Vista wallpaper in Display Properties. Download XP Vista Pack (14.4mb): (32bit installer) deviantART Download (x64 installer) ***Last updated 22-Jan-2007***
  20. My ISP uses a proxy. Can someone send it to me at oddbasket@yahoo.com? Appreciate it very much, I always had to download microangelo trial to edit icons.
  21. I know this looks lame... but well... it IS downloadable from Softpedia now, lol
  22. Thanks mate. I'll fix that real soon. edit: Zune's Extra Large Fonts option fixed.

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