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  1. Although not cryptolocker full protection it should help. http://www.wincert.net/security/cryptolocker-virus-protection/
  2. I find that hard to believe as long as it brings you income and I believe it still generates decent earnings You can easily sell this site for a nice amount rather than shut it down, so I don't see the point of your statement.
  3. Check for his dynamic IP changes history and ban the whole range of IP addresses. In this way, you will probably ban potential innocent visitor, but you will get rid of this problematic user.
  4. Agreed with DigeratiPrime, there's no way I would risk by downloading OS from warez sites.
  5. Hello guys, wincert is working normally, but your IP address is probably blocked on the server. Our host was under heavy DDOS attack and a lot of IP ranges was blocked because of this. All of you who have problems with accessing wincert.net, please send me a mail at admin[at]wincert.net and I'll ask the host to put your IP range/s to the white list.
  6. thx, but that's not a very good solution
  7. Hi guys, I've searched everywhere to find the song from the Police Academy 2 movie. This song is played on the saxophone and I've found out this: "Thin Ice" Performed by Pam Tillis Written by Tena Clark (as Tena R. Clark) & Wayne Perkins Produced by Tena Clark (as Tena R. Clark) Published by Catdaddy Music I'm so disappointed that I can't find this song anywhere. I can't buy it, download it, nothing.. Can anyone help me with this? You can check which song I'm talking about in the video below. Song will start at 0:47 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLhXeVaRgHM&eurl
  8. It was a short downtime, I've just opened a support ticket to find out what happened. Maybe they transfered wincert to another server because of traffic load.
  9. I just bought a semi-dedicated machine with 3 sites up, with 8 Xeon processors and 4 Gigs of ram..
  10. We have some beliefs that we're hacked, but it's not 100% positive yet. IPS Suipport along with a friend of mine are investigating this issue, although the hosting company said that Wincert.net without any doubt should go to dedicated hosting. @gamehead200 Our stats which I can give you are: 5000-8000 daily visitors 2-3 million page views/month 80-110 GB bandwidth/month 5500+ members..
  11. Well, to be honest I don't know what to do now. Here is the answer from our current shared hosting support team: This user without any doubt needs a dedicated server. It is not his bandwidth or space storage, his forum user connections is what creating the cpu load. Dedicated hosting server costs about 150$/month and my current payments don't cover that nor I haven't received any donations except one from JurgenDoe... I suspect on a hack, since it's not happening all the time.. There were no problems for 3 weeks since we moved to another server, until now..
  12. Wincert forum is back online! Thx for raising this topic
  13. Hi there, WinCert.net will be back soon. We moved to another host and now have to restore Forum DB.
  14. I need to make a script that will connect through SSH with Putty or WinSC application to a server which is in Germany. Basically, one server is in Croatia and another is in Germany. When I make a connection between those two servers, I need to copy contents of one folder to Germany and vice versa. What is the best way to do this using Putty or WinSC. A log would be also needed for this.. Thx
  15. Thank you all for your replies. Since our network administrator can't open required ports for this issue (since we're working for a bank), I might try legionare suggestion.
  16. Hi guys, I have a question about setting up the paging file on our new servers at Citrix farm. My company bought 3 new servers IBM x3650 with 24 Gigs of RAM. I wonder what are you're experiences with systems which has so much RAM. How much page file should I use on separated partitions? Thx
  17. I have one server which is in DMZ. I'd like to patch it but since it's in DMZ he can't access the internet or WSUS server on our network. I've downloaded all updates that I need for it and now I'd like to know if can run automatic update somehow instead of running every update manually, one by one smile.gif There's about 150 hotfixes to be installed and big part of them are already installed.. How can I install updates automatically from one folder, is that possible? Thx
  18. SLI isn't payable IMO, since you can get only 30-40% of your other graphic card. I know I was reading somewhere about this before and I've decided to use "only one" 8800GT card and I'd like to know, do I really need more than that?
  19. I felt a huge difference between XP and Vista, so it seems that my hardware is inferior for this game. P4 3,2 Ghz 1GB Kingston HyperX DDR400 GeForce 7600GT AGP
  20. This link worked good for me, was fast 450K, and english. Gameplay is good, I wish they had included a warfare map though, and the graphics are scaled down a bit to reduce the demo size but still look awesome. Game ran great @ 1280x1024 with max settings on my 8600 GT I tried it on Vista and it was slow as a snail. I got <20 FPS tops! I was very dissapointed, will try it today on XP.. thanks! im getting over 300kb/s! i just hope that this one is in english.. Actually, that's a Croatian server, so if anyone would like to play just join http://www.kitah.org. There's a link to join a match on the page.. P.S. Of course it is in English.
  21. You should get about 30K with this: http://www.chip.de/downloads/c1_downloads_...8459&v=3600 Here's the baby where I get about 220-300K in downloading: Just click on the shiny download button.. LINK
  22. http://www2.i4games.eu/downloads/ut3/UT3BetaDemo.exe I'm gettin' about 30K from this link.. Don't give up if this link will appear dead, try several times and you'll succeed.
  23. Happy birthday you old pimp!

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