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[Desktops] 2006

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Ask for details.


As you wish. :)

Who is Eve ?

That's not a common name.

Does Pub stand for Public or for advertisement ?

If it stands for Pub, what's in it ?

What does each of your tray icon correspond to ?

What is your VS ?

Don't you like the logoff button or is it simply that you dont' have any other account ?

What is BackupFox ?

This emule icon is weird. l33ch3R mod ?

What is your wallpaper ?

Why both IE and FF in quick launch ?

Why were you not sleeping ?

(ok, nuit blanche, d'accord, d'un autre côté je l'ai découvert la veille, ça occupe bien la maths sup')

Or rather, why were you not out ?

Was it so cold ?

How old are you ?

Can you post a photo of your girlfriend ?

A naked one ?

A half-naked one ?

Do you think I can find many other questions ? :angel

You told us to ask for details. You did not say which ones. :P

PS : le niveau mental d'un prépas est incroyablement bas, toujours, et ça empire. :whistle:

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Nice desktop and nice wallpaper : it makes me love transparency. :)

I have another comment : don't use MSPaint's png compression, prefer irfanview : your screenshot is small but weighs 1.5MB! :ph34r:

(and png makes big files with high quality photos, with landscapes especially)

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