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  1. Quote from Winpooch.com : This is a powerful method under 9x systems, but AFAICT, under NT, drivers can be ran at a lower level (like file system filters) and then fool Winpooch. My advice : do not trust Winpooch if you're not planning to use it on a 100% clean system. btw, very nice graphics. PS: the first URL link on free.fr is 404 ++ edit: my advice was about installing it on a clean system. sorry.
  2. This is no more than a graphical restriction (same as TweakUI) : you will still be able to access the drive simply by typing its driveletter (in the explorer address bar, is the run box, in the open/save dialogs, in the command line box, etc...) And even if the computer has no keyboard, there's still copy/pasting... Avoid this trick, it's outdated (as old as win95) ++
  3. 'lo, First of all, MS did released a toy labelled "Microsoft Private Folder" or something like. It allow you to set a password protection to any folder. (but i guess this protection is not very strong) Then, you can use NTFS built-in security permissions (ACLs). You need either XP Pro, or XP Home in safe mode to access these settings : right-click on a folder you own, select properties and in the "Security" tab you can adjust who is allowed or not to read, view, etc, any file. You have two boxes, the top one list all users/groups that have some access granted or denied, and the bottom list are the actual permissions. If you want to deny anyone to access a file except you, you just have to remove anyone except you from the top list, then add the built-in group "Everyone" in the top box and deny this group all accesses. This would work if you are the owner of the file/folder, something you can manage in the advanded box, which also holds inheritance settings useful when you manage a folder. Take also note that an administrator will always be able to take ownership of your file/folder and modify the permissions you set. ++
  4. Delprat


    911cd.net ? thanks god, you're on FAT... +
  5. could you translate in plain english (or other modern language) ? about 7-zip, instead of that so old meaningless switches try the standard NSIS switch : "/S" (capital letter) (and this info is present in FAQs at 7z.org & here) ++
  6. DVD drives are costing so much these days that buying two drives (one for each region) and stay legit is far from a PITA. Of course i'm talking of DVD drives *for computer*... but is this practice really legit ? ++
  7. unattended> what you wrote is true for the "defaulthide" & "providedefaults" modes. you should either fill in all the (required) fields, or if you're adventurous select "fullunattended" and setup will not show anything (but will fail if critical settings are missing, like user name, etc) repair > yes, repairinstall is disabled if there is an answer file. and repair install is not unattended (it asks for the key, allowing you to "repair" with a different edition). if you want, before making the iso in nlite, take winnt.sif out of the i386 dir and place it on a floppy, then you will be able to do normal/repair installs with the CD, and you will still be able to do unattended installs by inserting the floppy (this method is really powerful : you can easily have multiple answer files on the same floppy, and rename the good one to "winnt.sif" before installing any WinNT 5 OSes : 2000, xp, 2003) recovery (console) > has nothing to do with repair install, so i'm not sure you were talking about that(*). anyway, to install it just add "winnt32 /cmdcons /unattend" in the commands to run during setup (or hit F10 when you're prompted to hit F6 at the very beginning of the textmode setup) sfc.exe > it's related to WFP... do not hack it, and do not remove protected files if you want to run it flawlessly... (or at least, use the CD corresponding to the current install, in other words, a disc with the same things in : i doubt you can have a "minimal" disc to sfc-ize a "full" OS) ++ edit: (*) seeing back the thread title, i'm sure of the opposite now
  8. Only videos that really require Windows Media are videos in Windows Media Video format (same goes for sounds : WM Audio). If you do the correct file associations with <insert here the name of your favorite player>, you shouldn't need WMP, except for streaming maybe ? ++
  9. i had have similar problem, and it was before i ever tried Xpize. It was caused by a corrupt uxtheme.dll (so the "themes" service didn't started), badly patched by a "multi patcher" that wasn't aware of the good build number. ++
  10. 256 colors graphics are the only true graphics. (any good coder would say it ! true color graphics can't do palette rotations ) Hey, remember Win 3.1, the boot logo was only 16 colors, and there was already some linux fans to say "if your linux kernel support it, you can have 256 colors boot logos !". gr8t ! And once people get 2^3456 colors on their boot screen, they will get stuck in a "rebooting computer" loop to watch the boot logo, and never work /my two cents ++
  11. mate, xmouse settings in tweakui are the answer ++
  12. The PSU on the picture is not, or i need glasses. And about that carpet ? ++
  13. many things can't be... i use mainly FF, but it starts in tenth of seconds when IE appears in less than 2. FF uses a lot more memory (now : 85 megs with one single tab and one single window !!! there are whole OSes of the tenth of this size that include browsers !!!) FF doesn't support embedding of HTML applications (HTA) nor OLE (ex: word inside IE) some websites works bettter in IE FF bookmarks are not shown in start menu FF can't create MHT (which are very handy... there's an extension that allow similar thing, but IIRC that's still not MHT readable by 99% of windowes) and lots more... ++
  14. and a third one. no need for VLC if playing DVDs is the objective. (just compare the sizes ) + + edit: i do not "play" the menues
  15. answer is dual : A. it does not because on your harddriv, files compressed are packed with ntfs compression, which is not "manageable" (no "min" nor "max" setting : it's just packed or not)) but A. it does because diver.cab is copied on the harddrive, a smaller one on CD obviously means a smaller one on harddrive. ++

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