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[Desktops] 2006

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A Custmozied XP Created With Loads of AUTO Installed Softwares & Themes

Current Look ::


Vista XP Theme

Yahoo Widgets



!! ~ MS WINDOWS XP SP3 CORPORATE UWin Installer 2006 Edition ~ !!

ScreenShot :: http://img97.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wi...reenshottl5.gif

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I have been waiting for this month's topic and guess what ?

It 's here and you may have guessed it I will dazzle you with my rather unusual but very persdonalised work.


this is a poem oem that describes the desktop of today. Read it with indulgence and dont forget to comment: I am at your mercy

Arabianhorse has coe up with a desktop

smart, and peaceful not too over the top

A bit of nature, a blend of colour

a horse never far way

It is only a picture

but so real

tha even a horse

would get its feed

of course I took

some bits and pieces

I have borrowed only to please

But some of them are of my work

I hope you will

find it up to your tatse

and appreciate

and give a rate



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Very nice, you're again having very nice desktop..btw, video link is broken...

Right click on the link and "save link as"



I was behind the proxy :( Downloading it now.. :)

I was a big fan of G'N'R when I was a kid, but now they are a bit funny especially AXL, WTF, where is he runnin' all the time, I feel like I'm watchin a 100 meters race..

Anyway, I like to listen to them even today and one of my favorite songs is Estranged even though it wasn't so popular like November Rain or You Could Be Mine etc..:)

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