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  1. [Desktops] 2007

    hav fun
  2. [Desktops] 2007

    Wooohooooo! Finally 3K pageviews! THANK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS FOR EVERYTHING. <3 Font: Calibri Preview: Wood by Psychopulse (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/51648668/) - Modded by me
  3. [Desktops] 2007

    I been quite busy with school and SAT prep. Here is my April ss. Comments and +favs are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. [Desktops] 2007

    Hello! My second SS of this month: Theme: Rissol's mod of NiCO Niqu (Original Authors: Pantoni, Max Rudberg and Paul Johnson) Wall: Dj's mod of S3CL's Another Place II (Thanks NiTRO) Icons: Blend by AveTenebrae, NiCO Ed. by Rissol Dock: Reflections Inspired by Styrizo Font: Calibri (Thanks Ellada aka Mike)
  5. [Desktops] 2007

    Theme: Nickel Cobalt, - Silver/Purple mod by me Authors of Nicklet Cobalt: Paul Johnson & Max Rudberg & Philipp Antoni Wallpaper: Apple Seal by manicho - mod by me with Kate Beckinsale's picture Icons: Reflections by Styrizo && Apple Drives Widget: iTunes Artwork VinylTunes Comments && :+fav:s are appreciated much.
  6. [Desktops] 2007

    Thank you, sir
  7. [Desktops] 2007

    . : | Guikit Theme | : . Cold 1.2 - Modded by Rissol and a little bit by me . : | Wallpaper | : . Dawn On The Deck by =l8 . : | Icons | : . Various icons from different packages and by authors. . : | Preview Border | : . By Roike - Thanks man! . : | Friday Night Guests | : . Maria and Alexis . : | Muzik | : . The Logical Song by Scooter
  8. [Finalists] December 2006

    lol i guess people hate mac screenshots? or they dont probably click on the preview to see it
  9. [Desktops] 2006

    Last one for this year later!
  10. [Finalists] November 2006

    lets forget about the past months and concentrate on the upcoming months
  11. [Desktops] 2006

    [Guikit] :: 7 by H8LesS [Wallpaper] :: Ascending Penguin by *coolart [icons] :: WidgetWidget, susumu, chris's icon docks, and few more. [Featuring] :: Maria :hug: [Thanks to travelfox a.k.a Ze Icon Master for giving me those grey-folder icons]
  12. [Desktops] 2006

    haha yeah. i expect more desktop with those pictures from ya.
  13. [Desktops] 2006

    Thanks a lot
  14. [Desktops] 2006

    Comments are appreciated Thanks
  15. [Desktops] 2006

    Offtopic but sorry. What happend to the winners of October desktop? :S werid!