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  2. Can I use this cab for installation? (And how?) Because I can't get dreamscene to install through windows update for some reason.
  3. Don't install these hotfixes if you want to use unsigned drivers. They break the BCDedit options to disable driver signing!!!!
  4. Here's my second one for october 2006:
  5. The ASUS P5B Deluxe is a good choice!
  6. Windows tells me that it can't identify the USB device I plugged in......
  7. Link When I search for drivers, I get the message: Download drivers Vibraforce Steering Wheel GM-3300 No drivers available for this product!
  8. Thank you for all your help! I found a wheel that looks a lot like this one (buttons) But there are no drivers for this one.....
  9. Yes I did, unfortunately it didn't work.
  10. That was my first idea to but I am not able to find any info on it.
  11. Hi I need help with the identification of a steering wheel. I bought this for 5 euro's but didn't get the drivers with it. Now I can't find the manufacturer. Is there someone who knows this device?
  12. There R more tools that can do this. I use BGinfo for it.
  13. Yes I can share it, but it's on my laptop. I will post you a link to the wallpaper tomorrow. @ Coyotewrw....... Thnx m8!
  14. It's Lucid Weather for sysstats. You can use it with Avedesk.
  15. Here's my simpel desk for august........
  16. I send it to you anyway... It's in you're inbox....
  17. nice wallpaper... any idea wheer i can get it from.. i dont want to use wb I can mail it to you..........
  18. Here's mine: Windowblinds Excliz Deluxe Lclock BG info AVEdesk
  19. I have an laptop with an Ati Radeon 9000 64 MB videocard that runs BF2 (settings not to high) My second laptop with an Ati Radeon 9200 128 MB doesn't play BF2 at all. The game crashes at the point that you have to choose singleplayer or multiplayer. Anyone ideas how to get this game running on my 9200 card please?
  20. Yeah sorry, but I seem to have deleted the .reg wich I used..... Sorry, now we still don't know the solution.......

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