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Christmas or New year?


Christmas or New Year?  

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  1. 1. Which do you enjoy celebrating most, Christmas or New Year?

    • Christmas
    • New Year

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ts a tough choice but i picked christmas because all the family reunites for a short time...

Heh...I'll go with New Year's for the same reason :P

Just kidding. Most of my relatives are no longer that widely dispersed, though--I see them periodically throughout the year. I'm kind of a bah-humbug person--the constant barrage of crass Christmas commercialism gives me a 2-month headache. I predict it will soon start up immediately after Labor Day. Can never wait to get past it.

So I'll still side with New Year's.

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You know, as one gets older usually they see things different when they were children.

Christmas (as a kid) - Can'wait another fun snowy day with free gifts

Christmas (now) - What, oh, just another day.

New Years (as a kid) - Did not know, just a really cool reason for days off from school.

New Years (now) - Just another day that is suppose to be a new year.

This harsh but real view. If i were to have a choice between the two, perhaps Christmas as it represents the start of something good, and New Years as it is the end of the old and in with the new.

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I agree with Shindo_Hikaru. starting at the age of 10, i spent every new years eve wondering what it was about. yay, its a new year, woop de do..... christmas actually represents something. I really dont care about the gifts, its the part about being together and having fun with family.

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