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Martin L

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  1. Martin L

    Convert Outlook Contacts

    which kind of cell you have? Nokia?
  2. Martin L

    Error #10145.1

    found this solution on another site: xper, can you fix that?
  3. Martin L

    how to deactivate Office Help completely?

    what version of office are you using?
  4. Since the other poll got outdated here is a new one. i personally prefer to use µTorrent.
  5. Martin L

    disable "Apply Styles"

    I dont have an english version of Word but with me its called "DeelvensterStijlToepassen, translated will be something like: Panel Style Applying" under the "Start tab"
  6. too long to explain since you have to edit it for each office product you bought.... but luckily other people did the work: http://www.jerryblogger.com/2010/10/how-to-disable-splash-screen-in-office.html enjoy
  7. Martin L

    Reminders window not closing

    As fas as i see from your post I suppose that you store your mail/contacts/etc on your local drive in a .pst file right? If so then do the following: 1. Make a new .pst (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/829971) 2. Import everything in it from the old .pst except your appointments 3. Delete the old .pst (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/remove-a-duplicate-personal-folders-file-HA001117047.aspx)
  8. I never found an option for that... if anyone ever find this solution I am also eager to hear it
  9. Martin L

    disable "Apply Styles"

    Ctrl-Shift-S, depending on your Word version. 2003 and earlier work like this. If you have 2007 or 2010 then you might have to rearrange your short keys. You can do that by going to Options and then customize settings
  10. Martin L

    Sort & Filter grayed out

    is there any lock on the work sheet?
  11. Happy birthday m8 , take a computer beer or two from me! And i hope you may have many more years in good health! B)
  12. i think you mean this... (templates). let me know if this worked out for you martin
  13. Martin L

    Outlook 2003 Issue

    this is a common issue with 2003 (after automatic update). only way to fix this is a total uninstall (inclusive removing the folders that the uninstaller doesnt remove) and reinstall 2003.
  14. Martin L

    Strange Word Behavior

    not 100% sure but as far as i know: office 2003 doesnt work on x64. office 2007 works on x64
  15. Martin L

    importing into outlook

    Source: Broobles regards, Martin
  16. Martin L

    Microsoft Security Essentials RTW

    Thanks mate
  17. Source: http://word.tips.net/Pages/T005400_Footnot...y_Renumber.html
  18. Are you sure you have the correct server for outgoing email in your profile? Extra=>Options=>E-mail settings (tab)=>E-mail accounts=>Choose the profile and change it into the correct SMTP server.
  19. Source: http://www.secure-eserver.com/?p=121
  20. Martin L


    Sorry? I don't really understand what you are asking here.
  21. euwh as far as i know you can maintain a access 2000 db perfectly in 2007... correct me i am wrong but i am maintaining one at my work in both 2000 and 2007 and it works like a sharm.
  22. Martin L

    Happy Birthday Nerwin!

    happy bday nerwin!
  23. Martin L

    What a lovely decoration!

    Logo was made by me in the good ol' days for this contest
  24. Martin L

    A Complete Guide of ports used

    dude why are you always reviving topics from years ago? its explicitly written in the rules to not do so unless you have a good reason to do so (rule 9) .... last warning!