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  1. Defrag your drive daily in most cases it may be extream but haveing your system on for an extended time is not good nor is turning it off and on multiple times a day or daily for that matter. intresting topic i have started. Lets think how long we as end-users really keep a drive to begin with.
  2. Things never remain the same on the planning stage or paper stage, so plan for the now and wait for the future.
  3. Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition - Academic Version is a full XP Pro Version (Full Retail variant that is considered a upgrade) priced low for students, the use is for of course Academic purposes. If you purchase it then it has limitations on its uses and license. Such as you have to be enrolled with certian minium credit hours. If you are transfered a license(depending on the license agreement with Microsoft), meaning you were give a copy (usually required a low cost of 10-20 USD) for a certian major(s) or classes. In some cases it states that you are required to graduate the major to retain the license. Their is more details regarding the license at this link (US Academic Site).
  4. Little over 200 here, this is currently with 4 active applications (Opera, Trillian, ZoneAlarm and Zoom Player <playing a 200 meg media file.) and several background apps running, i think approx 14 or so apps.
  5. As of right now Intel Core 2 Duo chips are in high demand and due to the lite shortage, i would recommend waiting about 3 months as the prices for Core 2 6300 will be low, Refer to Core 2 Duo Topic. Their is boards out their that support Core2 Duo. However Ausu and Gigabyte are the two of choice. Newegg shows the E6300 and E6400 priced around $229 and $299 respectively. This is well above the distributor price of $183 and $224. ZipZoomFly shows the E6300 and E6400 priced around $ $208 and $256 respectively. Note: Back after classified military operations.
  6. The hard drive controller (the green board on the drive) is SATA. The host adapter on the motherboard (not an actual controller) identifies it as IDE.
  7. SATA USB Firewire 400 Firewire 800 Wireless network Wired Network.
  8. Windows Server 2003 x64 - Processor Support Supports up to 4 (x64 architecture-based computer with Intel Pentium or Xeon family with Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology, or AMD Opteron family, AMD Athlon 64 family) Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition - Processor Support Supports up to 8 (x64 architecture-based computer with Intel 64-bit Xeon, 64-bit Pentium, AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, or compatible processor) Windows Server 2003 Datacenter x64 Edition - Processor Support Support up 64(x64 architecture-based computer with Intel Pentium or Xeon family with Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology, or AMD Opteron family, AMD Athlon 64 family, or compatible processor) x32 Editions listed below.
  9. Just to touch up on this subject. The sale of Microsoft OEM software is only appliacable when the software is already installed on a complete operational system, any OEM software aquired with pc componets or non-componets is considered a non-legal transfer of licence, their for voids any tranfer of agreements. For complete details, you can call Microsoft or post again i will post offical documentation regarding this topic.
  10. Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is an operating system that is only available on Media Center PCs. Because of special hardware requirements, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PCs are available only from Microsoft PC Manufacturer partners. Their maybe other means to carry out what you are attemping but you can not directly downgrade from Media Center to XP Pro, Home, or Server editions.
  11. If any of you wish to be recruited by Intel, their is a Intel Fab plant in Albuquerqure, New Mexico, they recruit alot from Univeristys and Community colleges in that area.
  12. I am refering ot the cards support direct x versions, such as my current on supports Direct X 9c and my older one supports Direct X 8.0 some of my DX9 games do not work on the card due to its lack of DX9 support
  13. Do you have the latest drivers for your video card, sound card and so on. Also does your video card support the Direct X versions of the games.
  14. As of right now, the lowest cost for University's in the United States is University of New Mexico, despite the low cost the Engineering and Technologies departments is very high. Far from being MIT material but very good.
  15. When did start to occur, did you install/uniinstall any applications or hardware changes. I remember my icons changing when i assocaited pics, audio and media files before.
  16. Put a pic for us to see. So we may be able to assist properly
  17. On the Box look for a alpha/numeric box code like this. Based on that, info, do a search on Intel.com and you will get the complete spec of the processor. Example: BX80532KE2400D
  18. Thanks TAiN, i was going to mention that in my post.
  19. Each of those degree fields have simular and diffienret class requirements, and the school you attend also may have added class requirements. Computer Science and Computer Engineering have a 40-50% base class requirement, meaning they share some bases classes. When i was in school i get my degree/certificate in the following Web Technologies Computer Science Networking Technologies Web and Networking shared a 75% class ratio, so i decided to aquire both at the same time. Some classe also offer certificates as well, such as CompTIA A+ Hardware, A+ Software, Network+, Server+, and so on. However the cost to attend the testing program for CompTIA certificates is high. Depending on your school. Bases cost for a testing vouchor is around 145 dollars. The vouchor is good for one test. IF you fail the test, you must buy another vouchor to retake it. You can take it up to 3 times in a year, per test. Example: You take the A+ Hardware 3 times in a month, you must wait 1 yr before the next one. However if you wish to take the other CompTIA tests. you can do so as long as you do not us up your 3. I took the following certificates before or during college, A+ Hardware, A+ Software, Network+. Networking offered 4 different routes CCNA, Linux, MCSA, MCSE after the general clases so did two: CCNA, MCSA For complete details on the classes and the shared ratio, check on-line at your local schools in the area.
  20. P3/P4 and Xeon all different processor by design and labeling schemes, based on the S/N on the processoer itself, you can find out the proper type, model, and speed.
  21. I use to live in the East coast, i still monitor the areas of intrest.
  22. Where is the rest of the Desktop, it seams like another window was open that froze, it forced closed and the half-IE titlebar remained, along with the Messenge. After examining the pic, it does seem to resemble the popup messages from sites (pop-up code). I would recommend installing a firewall w/ anti-virus and a soyware/malware remover.
  23. The defintion of 100% optimized is based on your choices. My sistem has WinXP Pro SP2 w/ updates. Performance settings set to Best Performance, processer/memory usage to programs. no wallpapers, classic settings, disabled processes and programs. Much much more. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/index.html or http://www.tweakhound.com/xp/xptweaks/supertweaks1.htm
  24. At the open public beta page, they said they have reached maxium capacity and have turned it off.
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