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  1. This game looks awesome!! I mean you can get the death star how cool is that!!
  2. Thats pretty funny. I like the voice.
  3. That is really funny.... I wonder what his girlfriend did?
  4. I wish I had thought of that. Now I will have to buy one!!
  5. They are both really funny. But you think about it you go to start to stop... Who came up with that????
  6. Thats pretty funny. I guess I would be a little jumpy to after drivin around dead people.
  7. HAHHAHA That is freakin funny
  8. All of that is freakin funny. That guy is soo dumb!
  9. Matt_

    yaa...its meee

    Thats funny. Can you amagine being the boss though!
  10. That video is sooo awsome!! It must have taken them forever to set all of that up.
  11. I love that video its so funny. I'm going to put it on my ipod
  12. I wonderd why the Google page was alwase white.
  13. Matt_

    cool definations

    Those are funny and yet true
  14. I go with laptops all the way. For many many reasons (most of them all ready said). The smartphone can be stolen more easily than the lap top. Sure the laptop can still be stolen but there is a much less chance. Plus you cant use paint on a smart phone. (LOL)
  15. I might check into this game
  16. I highly suggest Tactical Ops: Assult on Terror. Here is the link: http://www.tactical-ops.de/
  17. I want to get it so bad!!!!!!!!
  18. They have made soo many need for speed games they hardly ever change. There wasnt a big diffrence between underground 1 & 2. I think the whole series is getting old.
  19. I think I might be getting it.
  20. Why would someone review solitaire. Whats our world coming to???
  21. I heard them talking about it on tech-tv and I was going to check it out. But I forgot to..... thanks for the link!!
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