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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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Thanks for keepin the thread clean Jeremy.

anyway, I know you guys can be impatient some times, but like nlite, patience is always good.

anyway, I am looking into ways of auto patching, with nlite/rynavm intergrator, program addons, found in the nlite thread.

since that would be great, I think I might as well work on that too.

quiting smoking is hard, from what one warning label said, its addictive as cocaine, I think its worth it whatever it takes, including, junk food lol.

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I knew you would assume I was posting only to attack you about "impractical Windows". I was not. I see people requesting "software patches". I wanted to ask you if all you do is merely replace DLLs you removed in the first place?

thanks Jeremy for all this great work and all his threads. He is busy with life lately but he did lots of work and gave lots to this project.

Just started reading the first bit of your thread now, I appreciate that. Btw, best way to quit smoking is cold turkey. But whatever approach you take, I sincerely hope you succeed in quiting for good. You can pwn it! ;)

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Just tried the INI on XP - the 2001 original XP which I then

slipstreamed SP2 and Hotfixes into, then ran your INI and it has

ended up 103Mb not 57Mb :o

I tried 4 builds - one leaving in what I normally would, and it ended

up 157Mb, this is very strange since I know it should be smaller!

So I gradually took stuff out (which, heh, is putting stuff back into

the ini, no... so I just rarred the old ini and used a more complete

one each time - down to the original file which gave a 103Mb build

on the entire untouched INI.

Now, I know I took a lot of things out, like battery (80kb) that

could be left in for what this is worth (80kb) and the amount of people

who complain about it not working on a laptop jeeeez - is it me or is it

really just that "Battery" bit which gives total laptop support? So

long as its not IBM Thinkpad...

This is what I cant understand - it can be stripped to 57Mb I am not

disputing that, maybe, but why not just leave something like Battery

in since it is just 80kb and allows laptop support?!

The reg tweaks... one takes arrows off shortcuts

(which some programs need to identify it as a shortcut) and

one removes the shortcut prefix... that is crazy, you end up

not knowing if the folder is local or what the hell it is!

I have heard of removing the shortcut to prefix,

or the arrows, but not both in one go! How do

the reg tweaks save any space? I guess some do

to a degree but, most are cosmetic, which does improve

performance a great deal for some changes (disabling

services we did not/do not/will not EVER use)

This is a great concept, a truly microscopic Windows

and the best thing is... its XP :D

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I find it a new conecpt, one that would of been better used in the first place.

I think, if anything, its having windows with a linux feel, the way things install, but without leaving windows.

Alternate UI is where I wanna go next, linux, if it gets better more like osx86, i want to buy one for $250USD, apple, hook a enhusiast up, I build my own computers.

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Got one down to 97.6Mb as the ISO and it is excellent!

One single problem, although I left modem support in

I can't get my "RAS" modem to work. It is Alcatel, I

can install modem drivers, system tray icon is ok (green)

and light on modem are ok (green) and I even left all

these files beginning with RAS in when stripping...














Still, the "RAS capable device" does not work :(

Exact error message is "Could not find or create Alcatel Speedtouch connection"

when you click to dial-up.

No reason why anyone should investigate this for me and

I am only asking if this problem is common or I have no

chance of really knowing WTF makes this modem supported.

I know for certain it is the DLL removal that is doing it because nLite

alone is totally safe! Huh, as long as I leave in "Modem support" and

yes take the drivers out, thats fine, its nothing to do with drivers,

just some, or lots of DLL files missing for that one particular thing!

Its things like this that probably drove that geezer who owned Apple to

lose his sanity... either that or Billy spiked his drink(s).

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@ LeveL be sure not to remove Internet Authntication (IAS)

it is needed for Dial-up... keepin modem is not enough.

You superstar you! But now I need to find out which

DLL and EXE files not to take out to keep that in!

I dont remember seeing Internet Authentification, is this a Service?

If it is a service then heh, I can run XP leaving only five services

in and my modem works perfectly, in fact I usually only get 60kbps

and with stripped version I can get 270kbps. Explain that!

I know I ain't gonna explain it to my ISP thats for sure! :D

Example - downloaded the 12Mb "WMP10" in under 12 seconds!

HOW? That is excellent but, impossible, unless ISP's rely on Windows

files to, how can I say this, restrict users who have paid for a certain

service and give other users 2Mbit or 4Mbit lines... roughly working it,

it does work out about right, 12Mb in under 12 seconds is approaching


So it is as if my modem can handle 4Mb, there is nothing to restrict this

apart from Windows files that are now banished, so it just goes as fast

as it can!

Getting insane speeds, just insane, not on things like the ED2K

network or the BitTorrent networks, but direct http (and I guess

FTP if that isn't stripped out) are silly fast, just SILLY FAST compared

to what my download speeds usually are - about 6 to 8 times slower.

But if IAS is a part of what nLite strips out... it cannot be the thing

stopping my modem working because it would always have been

stripped out

I know for sure is fine to strip everything out with nLite except "modem

support" because I have tried that and my modem works


It is just these EXE and DLL files afterwards,

I am deleting one or two files too many I think.

What I must ask now is - hehe, did

I really have to include all those RAS

files as well then?

I reckon I dont have to keep all those RAS files,

but I don't know, it was not the modem that was the

problem, because like I said, green tray icon, green

lights on modem, so then it has to be supported?!

But as you know it just wont dial-up... if this don't

work then I really am giving up! Like when I tried

learning C, urgh, what a nighmare that was!

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