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Ive installed a slimmed down xp iso that i found on a torrent ages ago, but midi support is missing. When you select a midi device under 'Sound and Audio Devices' it keeps going back to blank. What files are needed when slimming down for Midi playback support?.

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In the nLite "Remove Components" section,

under "Multimedia" make sure to keep "MIDI

Audio Support". This is +2.93Mb BTW.

I know what, why don't I ask this same question

yet again... Which DLL and EXE files are required

for Dial-Up Networking? :whistle:

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this is a way off windows question.


im planing to play around with linux.

i remember a thread where you mentioned that XFS is faster than EXT3?

xfs is faster...


if you want a nice minimal install of linux try using...






if you like slack you might like slax also (min live install cd,that can be installed to hd)


SLAX Popcorn Edition v 5.0.6 ver is 104mb

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yep i did my research about linux filesystems.

xfs seems to be the fastest.

with reiser4 in the 2nd place, in my opinion. of course, when stability issues talks, looks like reiserfs and ext3 are fine for most people.

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I have heard people complain about reiser4 stability. Ext3 is supposed to be the most stable & robust, but probably not as fast as some of the others.

Also, why are people talking about this anyway? Is there a way to run XP or 2003 using XFS or Ext3?


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Anyone know which service(s), DLL files and EXE files are required

to make "Dial-Up Networking" function? I have stripped too much

out but this is the only thing to fix.

post ur last session .ini file here..

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post ur last session .ini file here..


I can't! I have about 5 on the go at once and

anyway, imagine the one posted by gdogg in

the first post but with every RAS .dll and.exe

left out (out of the ini file, IN windows)

Rather than sift through all those files, it

would be easier to just find out what Dial-Up

Networking depends on to run, the DLL files,

EXE files and services... those 3 things.

I have asked this a lot now and are probably

gona ask M$ themselves soon enough, been

Googling for 3 days and nothing to explain

what DUN depends on... and we call ourselves

modern?! Jeeeez!

I want really what the first ini posted here by gdogg

does, but with LAN and DUN to get onto the net...

Doesnt matter what else it comprises of, I have

a running OS now but with no connectivity, it

is useless to me.

I am not clued up enough to know if this INI from

gdogg does let you access the net, I mean, my

modem is really bad, just so bad, the most buggy

device I ever have known of! But I know it is DUN

missing in windows and not the modem!

Finding out whats safe to delete takes ages and ages...

all credit to gdogg for abusing Windows in this way :D

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