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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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LeveL , yah ill take all the credit for whatever you think I did LOL

yes, beta 2.5 wont be long, a little bit of a delay, yes. But in the end, I have had a very busy life right now, currently I am working on my lawsuit thingy, and making sure I get all I am entitled to.

Aegis, true two weeks without updates, but the first post expressed when, next beta's will be coming.

tom_vilsack or maybe by the time your finish downloading beta 2 LOL

Anonymo thanks, like your avatar

I am also preparing myself for a new computer, making sure I lose nothing, and have all I need before the switch.

to not fill this thread with more personal stuff, I added the attached .txt file below.

If you dont want to read about gdogg's life, or what his next computer will have in it dont read it.

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and you want me to join projects, HAH.

anyway, I could care less what you think, its not like you'll be using microwinX anyway.

for the rest of those who want to post comments similar to Aegis, plz dont, it doesn't help. Nor will it make me want to work on this project anymore than I do now but only cause me to say forget it, it works for me.

Edited by gdogg
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