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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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nothing is executable but what you choose

dont try confusing the users of this project.

here is an example

you are in this windows

you install a peice of software pre-patching that then places a .exe to execute on startup in \windows (the virus right)

then you run this patch.

this virus will probally fail to load, because a depency of it, and nearly every .exe isn't there in \windows to run it.

also after you've been patched.

execution of installers isn't happening, without its depenacies being under \windows

in the end this gives you virus immunity, because you never accidently install a virus or have something auto execute on you.

in the end. its a gain and a loss, but thats what this project is all about. install your software. patch, then your box is more secure then a virus scanner, spyware scanner and firewall can do for you, even with just the firewall.

not tested but im sure you can use a virus scan in this windows too, if your really touchy. but in the end not even virus scanners can give you this type of security. new virus' come out everyday, and i had a friend that got 15 virus' nod32 (probally the best av on the planet) didn't find, even with upto definitions.

then there was another time, one broke nod32 , so you thought it was working, but nope, it wasn't.

what i did to check for virus' in my windows was , try to execute them, get the dependacy error, then restart, and scan the drive for virus from another windows with nod32 av 2.5 beta.

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inbox is full, betas 2 is full

everyone else must wait for beta 3 now.

if you think you should be getting beta 2, you will be. If you havn't made a request yet, and wanna try beta 2 then msg me after i say its been released in the forum.

beta 1 and 1.5 testers, msg me when beta 2 has been released, since my inbox is full, I dont know who you were anymore.

also, anyone in the credits is also able to beta test, also just msg me when I say beta 2 has been released.

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Pinfi only has the dependency of it being seen in memory. It doesn't need to be executed in order to infect the entire machine. It's one nasty little b***h. I wouldn't have had any luck getting rid of it if I booted WinPE on an infected machine either.

I like what you're doing though. You're taking steps to eliminate a problem that has existed ever since Windows NT 3.5 and make a secure WINNT environment. :)

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Floppy drives are like 10 bux! I always get one whenever I purchase a comp just in case! I mean I can always not use it or remove it but when I need it it can still be kind of handy for a very very few things....like booting in this example.

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ok i got back in my windows, with safe mode and minlogon

but i still cant boot from cd, with my nlite cds and windows xp

but I cant boot a partition magic disk, so i am lost as to why its happening

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So you where having hard time booting into windows?...but got in with safe mode and minilogon?

You also are having hard time booting from cd?...nlite xp versions and ms xp version?

But you can boot from a partition majic restore cd?

Not sure if this is happening to you,but i repaired a pc that was also having similar problems...turned out to be a failing harddrive...even when booting xp cd,nothing would happen (that i take ,from files having to be placed on harddrive from first boot,and with hard drive failing pc would just freeze)

Now my microwinX questions...

-will this be like nlite,where we copy xp to harddrive,then modify it with your project and make cd and do a fresh install?

-will it be a patch file that deletes files/changes files (minilogon) and modifies registry?

-will it be like xplite,where as it does basically same as patch file but with gui interface? (giving us user options)

-is project going to use xp or like (mindows project) will we need to also use Win2K3 files?

-like mindows project (which i did get working,and enjoyed the challenge) will we need to add certain .dll in order to get certain programs to run? (with default mindows project,i still had to add *.dll's to get firefox to install and load)

ps: em looking forward to seeing this project as it comes along...ive done something like this but with slackware and a old 80mb hardrive (have X,dillo web browser etc etc and 40mb free) :-) ...will pm you when you get your boot problems fixed and you release beta 2 for testing....

Thanks: Tom

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hey guys, this or next month will be my last month with internet. So I will have to get this project working for everyone and done as fast as possible.

I will leave someone in charge that I trust, when I know the cable company is going to disconnect me.

Ok here is why, and the off topic part.

My dad runs his own company, his partner has been trying to ruin it for over 10 years, tell military contacts to go f**k themselves, nasa contacts, cisco, secor, as you can see, how this would turn out.

Now the tax man part, him and his partner are both responsible for the taxes even after the company goes bankrupt, so that mean they'll both be responsible for 125,000 each.

My dad for many years has been dealing with his problems by over eating and drinking. Now he gave up drinking alot, and now exercises, I try to talk sence into him, telling him not to exercise, and instead do up resumes and start appling for work elsewhere, but he just does what hes always done.

I would go get a job myself, but I have a grade 10 education, severe anxiety and now a back injury, only have experience in manual labour and I am great at building computers, I have applied at every computer store in my city, but none want my help.

I am trying to get money on the 27ths with my lawsuit against WSIB because they blatanly denied to look at the facts, that I went from 40 hour weeks to 5 hours weeks, without getting any compensation for this, and then was forced to quit. Even though I might win this case, if it mean keeping my family off the streets, and not having internet , that is what I must do.

Expect beta 2 and 3 in the next 2 weeks.

I am open now, for offers of who wants to (you must be experience in this stuff) and weither it should be under one persons control, or many peoples.

Edited by gdogg
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sorry to hear of your woes gdogg, you have always been a good friend even though we never met. I feel a sort of commradship with you and wish you the best of luck. I wish I could help on your project while I have all kinds of enthusiem it is severly limited by my knowledge, even though I am learning more daily.

I know a few people which are prime candidates to handle your project, one of them is named after a famous movie star in westerns ;)

But best of luck gdogg

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