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  1. stasys44

    WinNTSetup v3.9.4

    No need in Russian interface. My grandchildren don't understand Russian I have tested VHD Compact MFT. There is an error in the section GoScript (my vhd size is 5000 MB) :GoScript set drive=%drive:~0,1% if defined letter (set drive=%letter%) if %drive:~-1% neq ":" (set drive=%drive%:) if "%vhdsize%" gtr "32769" (set partsize=size=32768) if "%vhdsize%" gtr "32770" (set extend=echo extend) set dp=%windir%\system32\diskpart.exe
  2. stasys44

    WinNTSetup v3.9.4

    Re. Integrating WIM2VHD MOD, CompactOS, Compact MFT scripts into WinNTsetup Some functions from WIM2VHD Mod (dialmak from Ukraine) are realized in fact. There are some restrictions as I could remember. CompactOS (stea.61 from Russia) is the script with some dialogs in Russian and bad English. It is more convenient for ready OS. Compact MFT (nikzzzz from Russia). I have not tested it, but I will. IMHO, it is sophisticated idea, all, who needs it, could be counted on hand fingers. Better suggestion would be to use CompactOS, UltraDefrag, SDelete, diskpart-compact after OS would be ready (settings, tweaks, programs ...) When Win 7 x64 have been installed in compact mode on USB drive you need to click F8 to disable driver signature enforcement (usbuhci.sys). I uncompress 2 files: Package_1_for_KB2862330~x or _2_... if there is no _1_... so on Package_1_for_KB982018~x as previous in folder \Windows\System32\catroot\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE} Have you ever modified WinNTsetup v. 2 for Windows XP installlation from WIM? I know this one with Russian interface, but my locale is not Russian It's my first message after 4.5 years
  3. Perhaps someone (he or she, not me) uses old version, I have asked ...
  4. Somebody has a set of WPI on his/her USB flash and wants to run WPI, bet he/she has 2 windows before WPI is starting: Cannot save ./WPIScripts/useroptions.js and Cannot save ./WPIScripts/windowoptions.js After this WPI runs normally and programs can be installed OK. Attention could be not paid, but maybe there is a way to overcome mentioned above?
  5. stasys44

    Indent Text

    I would not miss it, i did not pay attention that this option existed.
  6. stasys44

    WPI v8.0.3

    So many features! I should jump to from my old version 7.2 to this one. Waiting updated manual, what chapters I could NOW to begin translate?
  7. stasys44

    DriverPack Solution

    New version coming soon. English file is there enS.txt and now attached here for your convenience. Please translate to your language and publish your file here or in DRP SU offsite enS.txt
  8. stasys44

    WPI v8 Bug thread

    Thank you, xure, I tought it cannot be alternated Waiting new manual
  9. stasys44

    WPI v8 Bug thread

    From HistoryI don't see short description nor program's logo as it was in Beta version I have from mritter
  10. stasys44

    WPI v8.0.3

    First of all: Please read my very last post in the topic "Can I save in UTF-8". UTF-16 is supported but is OK with your config.js in UTF-8. I wrote to test config.js in Lithuanian, Russian, Arabian, English in one item tooltip and is OK
  11. stasys44

    WPI v8.0.3

    Thank you. Nice. Now everybody can wrote config.js in one's native and foreign languages at the same time. Waiting for manual, bet do not hurry
  12. Wonderful! New Beta version supports UTF-16 (UCS2-Little Endian) You (I, he, she, they) can convert (for exemple, by Notepad ++ means)file config.js, created manually in UTF-8 format, to UCS-2 Little Endian format and USE and CONFIGURE in WPI. The program tooltip can be written in many languages (I have probed English, Lithuanian, Russian, Arabian in one tooltip, I am sorry my computer does not support Georgian). Now I am translating my lang file
  13. It is not solution we expect It was written in post #11 by me about indirect mode. The WPI Configurator is incompatible to UTF-8
  14. Yours message is sad. Regarding charset Windows 1251 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows-1251 My and Clown idea was to use any language WPI wherever you are - that Clown could use both Russian WPI and Georgian WPI in his Georgian language environment. It is impossible in ANSI
  15. From oszone forum regarding Russian language: In the file WPI.hta after the code: <title>Windows Post-Install Wizard</title> <meta HTTP-EQUIV="MSThemeCompatible" content="yes"> you should add code: <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251" /> config.js is saved in ANSI, it can be read in notepad++, WPI configurator My note: It should be set to Russian (Cyrrilic) for nonunicode documents in Regional Settings what georgian charset I do not know